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Issue: 2603

Dated: 08 May 2018

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Tories won’t be toppled unless we push harder

Crisis after crisis piles on top of Theresa May. For all the moaning of right wing Labour MPs, the Tories lost the local elections in England last week.

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‘Attack on me was a proxy attack on Corbyn,’ says expelled Labour member Marc Wadsworth

Marc Wadsworth has hit out at his expulsion from the Labour Party in an exclusive interview with Socialist Worker

Sheku Bayoh’s family sue police over his death

A post-mortem identified 54 separate lacerations, cuts and bruises on Sheku Bayoh’s body.

Local election results show Labour shouldn’t retreat from radicalism

The results underline that there is no certainty that Labour will win the next general election. Simply waiting for the Tories to collapse is not a winning option

March for Windrush Generation reveals outrage at Tories’ racist migration policies

Some 500 people marched in London to demand justice for the Windrush Generation

Tens of thousands on the streets for Scottish independence

The organisers, All Under One Banner, said over 50,000 took part.

Ukip plus fascists and Tommy Robinson demonstrate. Time to build bigger opposition

The Democratic Football Lads Alliance is trying to bring together the far right and the remnants of Ukip.

Protests planned for key Grenfell dates

The public inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire could last well into 2020.

The Troublemaker - Wait until 2071 to know why the cops killed teenagers

Files on the killings of a 15 year old and an 11 year old with plastic bullets by police in Northern Ireland have been sealed until 2059 and 2071 by the government.

Solidarity protest called after vicious attack on a refugee in Edinburgh

Anti-racists in Edinburgh planned to protest on Thursday after a young Syrian refugee was stabbed in the city’s Fountainbridge area last week.

Workers show power in France

A week of big marches and strikes in France ended on Sunday in Paris with 160,000 people joining a protest.

March against Tory austerity—then step up the pressure for more action

Thousands of trade unionists and campaigners are due to join a march in London this Saturday for workers’ rights and against the Tories’ brutal austerity policies.

Reports round-up: Waste disposal walkout, Sam Hallam case and more

Plus strike ballot in Carlisle tyre factor, and Virgin Media sack call centre workers

May and the Labour right defend the big bosses’ EU

Embattled prime minister Theresa May’s Brexit plans continue to unravel amid renewed Tory divisions and the European Union (EU) rulers’ bullishness.

Strikes to defend jobs, pay—and education

Strikes are planned in a number of colleges as workers fight to defend pay, jobs and conditions.

Wigan porters push for a strike

Hundreds of low-paid hospital workers facing the threat of outsourcing in Lancashire have voted overwhelmingly for strikes.

Kirklees bin workers vote for strikes and college workers could be next

Results of two important ballots were due this week in Kirklees, West Yorkshire.

TGI Fridays workers to strike - but beware of divisions

Workers at TGI Fridays restaurants in Milton Keynes and Covent Garden are set to strike on Friday 18 May. The workers’ Unite union has said strikes will continue “over consecutive Fridays during the summer.”

Private hire drivers take on Transport for London

Private hire taxi drivers protested outside the offices of Transport for London (TfL) on Thursday of last week against what they say are discriminatory policies.

Reports round-up: May Day marches

May day events were held across Britain during the last week to mark International Workers’ Day. They included this one in Leeds.

Pro-choice protest pans ‘March for Life’ bigots

Abortion Rights campaigners protested against a march by anti-choice ­bigots in central London

How the Tory ‘hostile environment’ policies hit Syrian refugees

Some refugees faced benefit sanctions as a result of undertaking English language tuition


Trump threatens to escalate dangerous tensions in Middle East

US president Donald Trump is threatening a return to direct confrontation with Iran—amid growing tensions and the threat of war in the Middle East

Refugees suffer as governments collude to keep them out at all costs

Horror stories from refugee camps in Greece and Libya have revealed the cruelty of the European Union’s (EU) border policies.


Labour left must not give in to right over immigration

Promising to control levels of migration is a well trodden path for Labour. It’s not one the left should follow, writes Alistair Farrow

Don’t dress Marxists up as liberals, Mason

It’s an interesting sign of the troubles with which capitalism is struggling that the coverage of Karl Marx’s bicentenary has been pretty respectful.


‘Kill all the Gentlemen’—tales of rural revolts

In his new history of countryside struggles in England, Martin Empson shows how ordinary people have always fought for their rights—and what’s needed for them to win

The Nakba shows why it’s right to oppose Israel

The 70th anniversary of the Nakba, when Palestinians were driven from their land, shows why it’s right to show solidarity with Zionism’s victims


Robert Kennedy’s hypocrisy on display in new TV show

A new documentary glosses over uglier truths, but shows how Robert Kennedy was forced to acknowledge the Civil Rights Movement, says?Antony Hamilton

A brutal tale of profit and dispossession in Cambodia

This film focuses on life in Cambodia over a six-year period from 2009 to 2015, documenting the forcible evictions of poor families at the Boeung Kak Lake in Phnom Penh.

What We Think

Young need real change, not a one-off payment

A think-tank called this week for a one-off payment of £10,000 to be paid to UK citizens when they turn 25 years old.

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LETTERS: We're stronger and more united after Newham academy battle

We have lost, but we have won much, and we are not defeated

Fatbergs—a byproduct of a system addicted to waste

A combination of fat, human waste and wet wipes is blocking Britain’s sewers

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