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Issue: 2608

Dated: 12 Jun 2018

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One year on - the Grenfell Tower fire is a symbol of a world built for the rich

The fire at Grenfell Tower is a symbol of decades of attacks on working class people.

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Officer who restrained Rashan Charles failed to follow safety rules, inquest hears

The police officer who restrained Rashan Charles before he died has admitted failing to follow safety rules.

Damning revelations in Grenfell inquiry as officials try to pass the buck

The inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire has heard how a smoke ventilation system failed eight days before the fire. It would have cost £1,800 to fix. It wasn’t fixed. It's one of the scores of examples of the contempt for ordinary people that led to the tragedy.

Support grows for protests against racist and fascist backers of Tommy Robinson

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott has backed a protest against racists and fascists in London on Saturday.

Confident mood on big picket line as Wigan NHS staff strike against outsourcing

Confidence reigned on the picket lines as hospital workers across Wigan Borough began their second 48-hour walkout on Friday.

Protest for Tommy Robinson in London is a warning about the threat of fascism

Around 15,000 fascists and racists rallied for jailed Nazi figurehead Tommy Robinson on Whitehall in central London on Saturday.

Womens’ marches show the mood to relax abortion laws in Northern Ireland

Pressure is growing on politicians for reform of draconian abortion law in Northern Ireland, reports Sarah Bates

Officer who stopped Rashan Charles ‘panicked’ inquest is told

A man who helped a police officer restrain Rashan Charles before he died has told an inquest that he was trying to protect Rashan.

Battle is on to build pay fight in the UCU - and to transform union democracy

Around 80 UCU union members from across Britain met in London last Saturday to discuss building struggles over pay and pensions—and transforming their union.

Hundreds join vigil in Beeston, Leeds, after arson attacks on mosque and Sikh gurdwara

Over 200 joined a vigil in Beeston in Leeds on Sunday after arson attacks on a mosque and Sikh gurdwara.

Aerial shots that give new perspectives of the world

New attractions at the Towner Gallery in Eastbourne are incisive and engaging—but both make unsettling viewing, writes Janet Sang

Health workers vote to accept NHS below-inflation pay deal

Health workers in England and Wales have accepted a below-inflation pay deal cobbled together by the Tories, unions and NHS bosses.

Housing workers strike in their fight for fair pay and feel stronger for it

Workers at Tower Hamlets Community Housing (THCH) began the second week of their two- week strike on Monday.

Care workers won’t shift under bosses’ pressure

Workers at seven care homes in Bath and North East Somerset struck over pay on Wednesday of last week.

Reports round up: Big march for NHS in Oxford

Workers at TGI Fridays delivered a letter to the business minister Greg Clark on Tuesday.

‘I am excited to build for this strike ballot’, say civil service workers

Civil service workers begin a ballot for national strikes next Monday, and PCS union activists are organising to win a thumping Yes vote.

Housing workers feel strong striking for fair pay

Workers at Tower Hamlets Community Housing (THCH) began the second week of their two- week strike on Monday.

Care workers won’t shift under bosses’ pressure

Workers at seven care homes in Bath and North East Somerset struck over pay on Wednesday of last week.

Stop Trump's migrant raids

Every week brings another reason to take to the streets against Donald Trump when he comes to Britain on 13 July.

Bedside robots are no replacement for NHS funding and human workforce

Seventy years since it was founded, the NHS is in crisis.

Reports round-up

Parents and teachers at Springfield School in Birmingham stood together on the picket line last Thursday against plans to make overworked teachers take on even more work.

How to fight against academies

Teachers, parents, campaigners and others will meet in London this Saturday to discuss the battle against academies.

Birmingham home carers could return to picket lines

Home Care workers in Birmingham could launch a fresh wave of strikes in their fight to halt the imposition of harsh new shift patterns.

Trump’s G7 antics reflect tensions in the ruling class

US president Donald Trump caused a stink at the G7 summit of world rulers last weekend. He then aired the ruling classes’ dirty laundry on Twitter.


Push back the rise of the far right across Europe

Right wing governments in Europe are driving through a racist clampdown against Muslims, migrants and refugees.

Resistance as French strikers take to the streets

Workers need to heap pressure on the Macron government and build the fightback, says?Charlie Kimber

Protests force concessions in Jordan

Jordan’s new prime minister, Omar al-Razzaz, said last week he would drop a proposed tax law.

Human chain is a show of Basque solidarity

Around 175,000 people joined hands in a human chain stretching 125 miles last Sunday across the Basque country in the Spanish state.


Don’t be complacent about fascist threat

Nobody should now be in any doubt about the threat from the far right in Britain.


Marxism and Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party

The Labour leadership claims to be influenced by the writings of Karl Marx. But Charlie Kimber argues his ideas are about much more than just a critique of capitalism

Smears, crimes and lies - the people and firms responsible for the Grenfell disaster

The Grenfell Tower fire was a crime against the working class made possible by a system that puts profit before ordinary people’s lives.

Fire safety professional speaks out - Greed failed people at Grenfell, not firefighters

A fire safety professional spoke to Socialist Worker about how the refurbishment of Grenfell Tower put people at risk—and the experiences of firefighters who fought the blaze

Grenfell campaigner - ‘We have to fight to get justice in the here and now’

Justice4Grenfell was set up in the days following the fire in the absence of a response from the authorities.

How can we get justice for Grenfell victims?

Thursday 14 June marks one year since a fire ripped through Grenfell Tower in west London, killing at least 72 people.

Grenfell survivor speaks out - ‘Some of us tried to raise the alarm before the fire’

Antonio Roncalato escaped from Grenfell Tower on 14 June last year. He spoke to Socialist Worker about how survivors have been failed in the aftermath of the fire


Irish place names written in the occupiers’ language

Brian Friel’s play Translations is set in Ireland in 1833 as a new phase of intensified British rule is beginning.

What We Think

Trump’s imperialist deal with North Korea won’t bring peace

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un patted themselves on the back after signing a “peace deal” on Tuesday.

Italy’s racist government rejects refugees

When 629 people were rescued from drowning they might have expected to be treated with some humanity.

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LETTERS - University security scandal shows the cash is there for education

The University of London spent £415,000 on security when students held a sit-in in support of striking outsourced cleaners (Socialist Worker, 26 April 2018).

The Troublemaker - Hillsborough accused in court bid to block prosecutions

Six people who face charges in relation to the 1989 Hillsborough football disaster are trying to block the trials from taking place.

Oppose the Tories’ poisonous plan for Heathrow expansion

As the government has given the go ahead for a third runway at Heathrow airport, Sarah Bates examines the dangerous environmental and social cost

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