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Issue: 2611

Dated: 03 Jul 2018

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‘It’s time to make a stand against fascism,’ leading activists speak out

Support is growing for Stand Up To Racism’s open letter calling for people to take to the streets against Donald Trump on 13 July and Nazi Tommy Robinson’s supporters on 14 July. Activists spoke to Nick Clark about why they’re building for the protests

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Tories must deliver after pledge on Salford childcare

Salford Save Our Nurseries Campaign is asking its supporters to join a lobby of education secretary Damien Hinds and minister Nadhim Zahawi.

West Mids bosses retreat after a vote for fire action

Strong support for strikes among firefighters in the West Midlands has forced bosses to back down from an attack on their terms and conditions.

Tories are in open war as MPs threaten splits

Theresa May is caught beteween big business’s fury and ‘blackmailing’ Brexiters

Step up fight to win ballot

Activists in the PCS civil service workers’ union have held protests and campaigning activities to drive up the vote in a national strike ballot.

Unite members debate Brexit, racism and defending migrants at conference

Delegates at the Unite union conference in Brighton this week debated Brexit, jobs, the Labour Party and racism.

Tube battle set for when Trump comes to Britain

Tube drivers on the Piccadilly Line are set to stage a 52-hour strike over “working conditions and staffing levels”.

Wigan hospital workers strike against outsourcing and privatisation

Hundreds of hospital workers across Wigan took to picket lines on Thursday after bosses agreed to push ahead with plans to outsource 900 jobs.

Reports show lies, kidnap and torture at the hands of the British state

 The evidence—just a glimpse of the true situation—should shatter any talk of the superiority of “British values”.

Postal workers strike back against bullying management

Postal workers at a Royal Mail delivery office in Ferndale, South Wales, staged an unofficial strike on Tuesday and Wednesday over problems with management.

Tens of thousands of people take to the streets to defend the NHS

Tens of thousands of people gathered for the NHS at 70 national demonstration in central London this Saturday.

Wigan hospital strikers join tens of thousands on march for NHS

Workers fighting privatisation in Wigan joined the big demonstration in central London to mark the NHS's 70th anniversary

Key tests for anti-racists - hold the streets against Donald Trump and the fascists

Anti-racists are building opposition to the renewed threat of the British far right regrouping.

‘We won’t let fascists go on rampage in Leeds’

Trade union leaders, Labour Party branches and others are backing a protest against the fascist English Defence League (EDL) in Leeds on Saturday.

New York socialist vote shakes up the right wing

The victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a US Democratic Party internal election last week reflects a mood to resist Trump, writes Alistair Farrow

More workers ready to join John Roan school strikes

Workers at John Roan school in Greenwich, south east London, struck on Tuesday of this week.

Bins strike to stop racism and bullying

Some 80 bin workers in Kirklees, West Yorkshire, began a six-day strike on Tuesday.

Reports round up: Labour’s housing trouble in Haringey

The left wing leadership of Labour-run Haringey council has come under fire for its treatment of people living on the Broadwater Farm estate.

Carers won’t work for free

Care workers in Bath and North East Somerset (BNES) have concluded a programme of action that saw them strike for two hours every other day for most of June.


Democratic socialist unseats political establishment in New York in stunning victory

A major upset has rocked the US Democratic Party. Democratic Socialists of America-backed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won a primary—an internal party election—against all the odds.

US activist speaks out about huge victory for socialists in New York

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat one of the US Democratic Party old guard, Joe Crowley, in an internal party election, a primary, earlier this week. She was endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America, a social-democratic party with ties to the Democrats.

New York victory shows we need to ‘organise to fight back’ says US socialist

Socialist Worker spoke to Sam Dean, a member of the Los Angeles branch of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). He said Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s victory can act as a focus for resistance.

Protests erupt to challenge Trump’s racist border laws

Protests gripped towns and cities across the US on Saturday as hundreds of thousands of people demanded an end to Donald Trump’s brutal border policies. Some 700 demonstrations were recorded.

A victory for the left in Mexico’s election

Presidential elections have upset the rich—but it isn’t clear what changes will follow

The west aims to co-opt Iranian protests

Fresh protests have erupted in Iran over a lack of drinkable water and the plunging value of the currency

Borders trap refugees in Syria

Thousands of people have fled after the Syrian regime and Russian forces launched a fresh assault on rebel-held Daraa in south west Syria

European Union leaders unveil new plan to lock out refugees

The European Union (EU) told rescue boats to let refugees drown in the Mediterranean last week.


Out of control - how the games industry fuels addiction

The NHS is set to start providing treatment to video games addicts. Sarah Bates asks how big the problem is and what is to blame

Why EU cannot heal its national divisions

Apparently Jeremy Corbyn is under growing pressure from within the Labour Party to support a second referendum on Brexit. This comes not just from the Tony Blair fan club on the Labour right but also from within Corbyn’s own grassroots support movement Momentum.


Karl Marx, workers and revolution

Karl Marx said revolutions would be instrumental in building socialism. Sadie Robinson argues that workers taking mass action is still necessary to change the world


Two Dorothea Lange exhibitions question the political uses of photography

Dorothea Lange’s images are about more than just the 1930s in the US, and another exhibition looks at how photos are used

The Jungle play poses difficult questions

Anyone who went on convoys to the “jungle” refugee camp in Calais will recognise the Afghan restaurant.

What We Think

No Pride in capitalism

A lot has changed since the first Pride march in London in 1972.

Darkness at the heart of the British state

Revelations that the British state is complicit in torture destroy the lie that Britain is more “civilised” or progressive than other countries.

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Helen Griffin, 1958-2018

The Swansea left has been left devastated by the passing of writer and actor Helen Griffin last week.

LETTERS - Saddleworth Moor blaze shows danger of fire service cuts

I live in Mossley, near the Saddleworth Moor fire that raged for almost a week.

The things they say

‘Our prisons are full of the spiritually dead’

The Troublemaker - Hillsborough trials set to go ahead

David Duckenfield will face trial for the manslaughter by gross negligence of 95 Liverpool fans who died due to the Hillsborough disaster.

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