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Issue: 2615

Dated: 31 Jul 2018

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Hundreds of asylum seekers threatened with homelessness in Glasgow

Hundreds of asylum seeker families face being thrown onto the streets of Glasgow by the Tories’ racist immigration laws.

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Rise in custody deaths an indictment of police racism

23 people died in or following police custody in 2017. Even this figure doesn’t tell the full story, says Simon Basketter

Arise festival debates way forward for the Labour Party

Hundreds of left wing Labour Party activists spent Saturday debating about their party’s relationship to social movements and what campaigns it should be part of.

Residents' rage forces Grenfell council to back off from ending secure tenancies

Residents have forced Kensington and Chelsea council to retreat from plans that would threaten their secure council tenancies. 

Barnet Tories try to silence solidarity with Palestine

A Tory councillor has attacked the right to boycott Israel—using the same definition of antisemitism that the Labour right want Jeremy Corbyn to adopt.

'We're striking to save care' say Birmingham home care workers

Home care workers in Birmingham began a two-day strike today to stop the total destruction of their service.

Jailed Nazi Tommy Robinson awaits appeal result

The result of an appeal by jailed Nazi Tommy Robinson was set to be announced on Wednesday.

EU politicians seek racist solutions to refugee crisis

Hundreds of refugees stormed a border fence in Morocco last Thursday in a bid to make it to safety in Europe.

Bus workers boiling in cabs

The recent hot weather in Britain has left bus workers feeling “drowsy” and “faint”

Reports round up: Cuts leave skeleton staff to run paper

Journalists have warned that short staffing at a newspaper has left the editorial team “at crisis point”.

Pay round up: Health workers demand poor pay deal is reopened

NHS workers are demanding unions reopen a shoddy pay deal that was cobbled together by the Tories and trade union leaders.

Strike on Eurostar over safety fears at station

Workers on the Eurostar international train line walked out for 24 hours last Saturday in protest at dangerous conditions for staff and customers.


Wildfires in Greece—the price of austerity

This is the lethal cost of the austerity memorandum demanded by the EU to pay Greece’s debt

Pakistan elections - behind Imran Khan's populism lies more neoliberalism

Imran Khan, the former Pakistani cricket star, declared victory in the country’s general election yesterday despite allegations of widespread fraud.

Greece fire response wrecked by years of austerity

The Greek government faces outrage over its failures and austerity policies, following huge wildfires that killed almost 100 people

Hundreds expelled from Italian Roma camp

The evictions show the impact of the racist policies of minister Matteo Salvini, reports Simon Basketter

First vote for Zimbabwe after Mugabe

Results of the first Zimbabwean presidential election since the fall of dictator Robert Mugabe were expected this week.

Ahed Tamimi finally released

Palestinian Ahed Tamimi was released from Israeli prison on Sunday.


British heatwave is one example of a world in deep climate crisis

It’s welcome that the consequences of climate change have eventually been recognised. But it’s an insult that it takes a British heatwave for that to happen

The global trade war hasn’t been resolved

Last week the developing trade war between the three main economic blocs—the United States, the European Union (EU), and China—seemed to relent.


Why protectionism won't protect workers' jobs

Competing world leaders plan tariffs on trade—and some on the left back them. But these measures have nothing to do with protecting workers, argues Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Ready for fraction - the Tory love-in with frackers and the resistance

On the last day of parliament before their summer holidays, the government snuck out final approval for fracking to go ahead in Lancashire. Activists tell Sarah Bates they are determined to keep resisting

The disgusting US racists funding Tommy Robinson

The jailing of Nazi figurehead Tommy Robinson has acted as a focal point for fascists across the world. Alistair Farrow investigates his international backers


Edinburgh offers a festival feast of elevating theatre

Theatre critic Mark Brown offers a guide to the forthcoming Edinburgh Festival—including spectacle, solo performances, Shakespeare and comedy

An analogue hangover or a contemporary triumph?

If you are in London this summer it is worth dropping in to Somerset House to an exhibition paying homage to magazines—Print! Tearing it up.

What We Think

Early deaths for the poor—shame of Tory Britain

Poverty shapes every aspect of our lives—as a BBC documentary highlighted this week.

Report reveals the reality of western ‘aid’

A damning new report in the wake of the Oxfam sexual abuse scandal in Haiti shows how international aid is shaped by Western imperialism

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LETTERS—Labour Party members on the streets against racism

I went to Scarborough & Whitby Labour Party’s recent election campaign launch to ask parliamentary candidate Hugo Fearnley to help build the local movement against racism and fascism.

The Troublemaker—Tories are stockpiling fear and confusion in their Brexit crisis

Brexit fever is gripping the corridors of Westminster—the latest symptom is potential shortages

How Britain’s cruel asylum system deprives refugees

Some 300 refugees in Glasgow were threatened with eviction last week after ‘failing’ their asylum applications. Tomáš Tengely-Evans explores the grim reality of Britain’s asylum rules

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