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Issue: 2616

Dated: 07 Aug 2018

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Solidarity pours in after attack on Bookmarks—now bring the Nazis to book

A Nazi attack on a socialist bookshop after the release of Tommy Robinson last week showed the renewed threat of the British far right

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Nazi Tommy Robinson released from prison—get ready to build the fightback

Anti-fascists face a major challenge after Nazi Tommy Robinson was freed on bail after winning his appeal on Wednesday.

Northamptonshire council crisis means most vulnerable will pay

Northamptonshire county council (NCC) is teetering on the edge of complete disaster, leaving lives at risk.

Nazi and far right thugs attack socialist bookshop

A group of Nazi and racist thugs attacked a TUC-backed socialist bookshop in central London

Government to decide Grenfell site fate

 The Tories have announced that central government will manage the site of the Grenfell Tower fire from autumn.

Backlash halts the eviction of refugees in Glasgow—for now

A wave of outrage has forced outsourcing giant Serco to back down from plans to throw 330 asylum seekers onto the streets of Glasgow.

Fight antisemitism smears—defend support for Palestine

The Labour Party dropped disciplinary proceedings against MP Margaret Hodge on Monday. This decision was made despite her having shouted in Jeremy Cobyn’s face that he is a “fucking antisemite and a racist.”

The real scandal behind building on green belt

The majority of houses built on the green belt last year were unaffordable.

Strike means Total shut down of rigs

Workers began a 24-hour strike on three of energy multinational Total’s North Sea oil platforms.

Unofficial strike against work plan and ‘bullying’

Postal workers at a Royal Mail delivery office in Plymouth staged an unofficial strike for a full day last Saturday. They didn’t return until they reached a deal on Monday.

Supertram workers look for logical deal

Strikes on Sheffield’s Supertram have halted after bosses put forward a new pay offer. Some 200 conductors and drivers were due to strike for eight days from 18 August.

Squash the Britvic bosses

Workers at the Britvic drinks company site in Norwich struck from Wednesday to Friday last week, with more planned on the same days for the next five weeks. They are now holding mass meetings.

Reports round up: Hundreds join Leeds Pride march

A survey of 657 secondary school teachers by the National Education Union (NEU) has found they are increasingly concerned young people are not getting enough food over the summer holidays.

South Western Railway workers strike to keep safety on trains

Workers on South Western Railway (SWR) walked out for 24 hours on Saturday of last week in the latest action in the long?running dispute over guards on trains.

Privatisation as NHS faces cash crisis

Richard Branson’s Virgin empire is involved in the NHS

Birmingham care strikers standing solid

Birmingham’s heroic home carers are gearing up for a fresh week of action that will see them strike, picket and protest.


Ahed Tamimi calls for one Palestinian state for all

Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi has spoken out against her mistreatment in Israeli prison—and called for a single Palestinian state for Arabs and Jews.

Repression follows the election in Zimbabwe

President Mnangagwa looks to defend his rule by crushing dissent, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Bangladesh students fight for safety

Students in Bangladesh have led a series of protests over road safety that have gripped the country.

Trump’s Iran sanctions start

New US economic sanctions against Iran came into effect this week—threatening to exacerbate poverty and hardship faced by Iranian people.


Don’t give ground to right’s antisemitism smears, go on the offensive over Palestine

Failing to stand up for the right to criticise Israel has consequences. If we shy away from it now, the right will make it much harder for us to do it in the future.

What’s the deal or no deal Brexit row over?

A year ago Liam Fox declared that striking a deal with the European Union (EU) would be “one of the easiest in human history”. This week the disgraced Tory minister was left with his tail between his legs.

Working class Brexit voters weren’t conned by Facebook

The official Vote Leave campaign fell foul of spending rules. But focusing on it ignores why people voted out


‘Fear works if you cave in’—Ilan Pappe on Israel, Palestine and antisemitism

Ilan Pappe, a leading Israeli-born historian and anti-Zionist, on how to combat claims that opposing Israel is antisemitic

Debate: Corbyn, Labour and the future of politics

Author and Labour Party member Mark Perryman debates leading Socialist Workers Party member Mark L Thomas on whether socialists should be in Labour

Flint—the tale of a city poisoned

US journalist Anna Clark has covered the Flint water scandal since 2014 and has released a new book, The Poisoned City. She spoke to Alistair Farrow about how racism and poverty combined with greed to create disaster


Sicilian Ghost Story—a powerful warning against silence in face of an injustice

Heartbreak, tragedy and fantasy tell a story from the side of the silent victims and the people left behind in the wake of violence

Build a new society on moral foundations in Frostpunk

Frostpunk mixes beautifully designed steampunk visuals with a narrative that puts the player in charge of the last humans on Earth

Fascinating documentaries and discussions at the London Korean Film Festival

The London Korean Film Festival 2018 presents a series of screenings and events showcasing independent documentary filmmaking from Korea

What We Think

Boris Johnson is just the tip of state Islamophobia

Boris Johnson once again confirmed his racist credentials this week.

Capital cooks our planet

An international group of scientists has said we face environmental collapse in just a few decades if there isn’t drastic action on climate change.

Other Categories

LETTERS—Right wing slurs won’t get rid of abuse from a sick society

Right wing slurs won’t get rid of abuse from a sick society

The Troublemaker—The contemptible life of Luke Nash-Jones, a pathetic racist

Alt-right online “personality” Luke Nash-Jones appeared to be one of those who “ambushed” the socialist bookshop Bookmarks on Saturday (see page 3).

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