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Issue: 2619

Dated: 28 Aug 2018

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All onto the streets to push back the far right

If you are angry, worried and outraged by the rise of racism and fascism, it’s time for action.

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Tories splinter as warnings of a no-deal Brexit grow

Theresa May was forced to schedule an emergency cabinet meeting last Friday amid deepening Tory splits over Brexit.

New court date for Tommy Robinson retrial - join anti-racist protest on 27 September

Nazi Tommy Robinson’s retrial has been moved back to Thursday 27 September.

Tory cuts to blame for child hunger in summer

Almost a decade of austerity has left millions of children at risk of hunger, says Sarah Bates

Privatisation scam at the London Fire Brigade let bosses cream off millions

Three top privatisation bosses ripped off millions of pounds of money in scams involving the London Fire Brigade (LFB), a report has revealed.

New struggle in Uganda must not wither on the vine

The arrest of a singer who became an MP in Uganda, east Africa, has seen riots and mass protests.

It’s time to unite the fight at TGI Fridays

Unite union members at three TGI Fridays restaurants struck for three days

Vote yes for equal pay at Glasgow City Council

Unison union members who work for Glasgow City Council (GCC) and its outsourced companies have started balloting for strikes

UCU union members are voting over poor pay offers

The UCU union was to begin balloting its members in higher education this Thursday over a pay offe

Reports round-up: Shaking up Britvic bosses

GMB union members at Robinsons (Britvic) in Norwich struck on Friday of last week and Tuesday this week

Strike to derail bosses’ plans to scrap guards

Workers on Northern Rail struck as part of the long-running battle to keep guards on trains

Tory bill threatens access for personal injury cases

The Tories’ Civil Liability Bill will be a blow to workers’ access to compensation if it passes into law

State racism fuelled German Nazi attacks

Nazis went on the rampage in Chemnitz, Germany, over the bank holiday weekend.

Solidarity boosts Birmingham home care strikers

The long-running battle to save a vital social care service in Birmingham from privatisation and collapse is at a critical moment.

Anti-racist vigil planned after Edinburgh gurdwara petrol bomb

Anti-racists in Edinburgh are set to hold a vigil after a petrol bomb attack on a Sikh gurdwara on Tuesday night.

Racist's resignation no loss for Labour

Resigning the Labour Party whip yesterday, MP Frank Field said, “We must be seen when we go into the next election that we’re not racist.”

Hundreds-strong meeting in London says defend Corbyn against antisemitism slurs

Hundreds of supporters of the Palestinians and Jeremy Corbyn met in central London on Tuesday night to defend the right to criticise Israel.

Anti-racists join solidarity rally in Oxford after attack on Socialist Worker stall

Around 100 attended the 'We will not be silenced' solidarity rally in Oxford on Saturday. The event was called after two thugs tried to shut down a Socialist Worker stall campaigning against Boris Johnson’s racist attack on Muslim women.

Labour front benchers back national demo against racism and fascism on 17 November

Labour shadow ministers Diane Abbott and John McDonnell have backed a call for a national demonstration against fascism and racism in London on 17 November.


Migrants blocked by the racist Salvini

The racist Italian government has been grandstanding with the lives of migrants.

British bombs killing children in Yemen


Aid cuts to Palestine herald more attacks and land grabs

The US has cut more than £150 million in aid to Palestinians to pressure the Palestinian government to give up more rights.

Prisoners join strikes and protest across the US

A wave of action in prisons and detention centres is hitting back at dire conditions, says Alistair Farrow

Refugees storm border fence in effort to reach Spain

At least 100 refugees stormed a border fence in Morocco on Wednesday. It is the latest successful attempt by refugees to force their way into the Spanish-controlled territory of Ceuta in North Africa.

US court cases bring corruption scandal closer to Donald Trump

Donald Trump surrounded himself with crooks and thieves during his 2016 presidential election campaign. Two court cases taking place in the US prove it. They give glimpses into the rottenness of the world Trump inhabits and his presidency.

Australia’s PM toppled as Tory government gets desperate

The Tories are tearing themselves apart in the face of a looming wipeout at the next general election. But they are likely to move even further right.


Falling budget deficit means little to those at the bottom

Sarah Bates argues that Tory boasting about reducing the deficit does not tell the real human cost behind austerity


Chemnitz—A warning from Germany

Several thousand Nazis went on the rampage against migrants and left wingers in Chemnitz, eastern Germany, on the August bank holiday weekend. Gabi Engelhardt from Aufstehen Gegen Rassismus (Stand Against Racism) Chemnitz spoke to the Marx21 socialist magazine about what’s fuelled the far right—and how to push it back

Activists speak out on the IHRA definition - it’s not antisemitic to stand up for Palestine

Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party are under pressure over how the party defines antisemitism. The right wants Labour to agree that it’s antisemitic to say “the existence of a state of Israel is a racist endeavour”.

Does the crisis in Venezuela show that socialism can’t work?

The right in Britain and internationally have held up the economic and social crisis in Venezuela as evidence that any kind of economic alternative to capitalism is impossible.


Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman film is a strong call to arms for anti-racists

There are some problems with Spike Lee’s new film, not least how it portrays the cops, but it redeems itself with its key message, says Antony Hamilton

Idles’ new album is a lightning bolt against reaction

If someone forced you at gun point to describe Idles’ latest album in two words, you could do a lot worse than “angry” and “loud”.

What We Think

Don’t dismiss Zionism

Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of antisemitism for saying a group of Zionists—people who support Israel’s founding ideology—didn’t understand “English irony”.

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Kevin McKillop 1934-2018

A class fighter and a committed revolutionary, Kevin will be missed by all who knew him

LETTERS - Why there’s a problem with Jamie Oliver’s jerk rice dish

It appears that Jamie Oliver has stirred up controversy over his jerk rice recipe. Good on him.

The Troublemaker - as some loan sharks go bust, beware the ones that remain

BrightHouse, a rent-to-buy loan shark shop, is selling second hand household goods returned by customers—and charging up to 99.9 percent interest.

There’s more nastiness to G4S than Birmingham prison mess

After inspectors found that inmates were living in appalling conditions in a privately?run prison, Tomáš Tengely-Evans investigates those responsible

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