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Issue: 2620

Dated: 04 Sep 2018

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Fudge over antisemitism risks Palestine solidarity

The Labour Party looks almost certain to agree to a definition of antisemitism at a meeting on Tuesday.

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Victory at Soas as workers beat outsourcing

Workers were celebrating after their outsourcing to private firms officially ended and they became directly employed by the university.

Worcester scores a victory against fascists

Anti-fascists outnumbered the English Defence League (EDL) in Worcester for the second time in two months on Saturday 

Train strikers force a retreat

Merseyrail workers were celebrating last week after bosses backed off from a plan to slash their jobs.

Palestinian politicians speak out in defence of Jeremy Corbyn

Palestinian politicians in the Israeli parliament—Knesset—have spoken out in defence of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and the right to call Israel a racist state.

Birmingham care workers call more strikes in battle to save service

Birmingham home care workers rounded off their latest week of strikes by securing a promise of total support from Unison union general secretary Dave Prentis.

Protest against hostile health practice that targets migrants

Health campaigners plan to protest outside the annual general meeting of Barts Health NHS Trust on Wednesday of next week.

Angry protest calls on Labour’s national executive committee to stand with Palestine

Hundreds of supporters of the Palestinians and Jeremy Corbyn protested outside Labour Party headquarters on Tuesday.

Uniting the fight at Ministry of Justice

Civil service workers in the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) resoundingly rejected a pay proposal tied to cuts to terms and conditions last week.

It’s back to the picket lines for East Dunbartonshire

Workers at East Dunbartonshire council, which borders Glasgow, are preparing a return to the picket lines after negotiations broke down.

No welcome for the Nazis

Around 40 anti-racists rallied last week against a meeting in Swansea organised by the racist Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) with speakers including Anne Marie Waters.

More battles over the new form of health privatisation

The Unison union is calling on the Tees, Esk and Wear Valley NHS trust to halt its plans to hand hundreds of NHS staff over to a wholly-owned subsidiary company.

Reports round up: Bosses’ tricks can’t squash Robinsons workers’ resolve

Robinsons (Britvic) strikers in Norwich received a boost last Sunday at the annual Burston School Strike Rally in Norfolk.

Demolition threat for London estates

Over 80 housing estates across London are up for demolition. They are some of the 118 sites that are undergoing or facing regeneration.

Northamptonshire borough councils dissolve themselves

Borough councils in Northamptonshire overwhelmingly voted to effectively dissolve themselves last week.

Stand with Palestine after Labour Party accepts antisemitism definition

The Labour Party has adopted a definition of antisemitism that restricts criticism of Israel


Anti-racists organise in Germany after attack

Christine Buchholz, MP for left party Die Linke, spoke to Socialist Worker about how to confront the far right

Idlib attack deepens bloody Syria war

The Syrian regime was gearing up for its final assault on rebels this week—beginning one of its final acts in its long and bloody counter-revolution.

Racist Farage goes on Australia tour

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage faced protests last weekend as he began a week-long tour of Australia and New Zealand.


‘People’s Vote’ over Tory Brexit deal would divide the working class

Theresa May danced on a tightrope over Brexit this summer.

Lies and smears are used by Zionists to erode support for oppressed

Claims that Corbyn personally is an antisemite have gone hand in hand with attempts to cast anti-Zionism—opposition to Israel’s racist founding ideology—as antisemitic.

Car bosses’ Brexit threats expose their weakness

Alistair Farrow looks at why car industry fat cats say they might move production abroad after Brexit


Murder in Yemen—Saudi coalition crimes revealed

A UN panel of experts has released a damning report into the Saudi-led war in Yemen, revealing widespread use of torture. Nick Clark unpacks the evidence

The TUC—Managing Workers’ Anger

The TUC union federation is celebrating 150 years. Workers have won many gains through their unions—but their leaders have little to be proud of, writes Sadie Robinson


A hot romance for Cold War musicians in new Polish epic

Captivating performances and musical talent in a context of peasants and modernisation makes for interesting viewing

Music plays on in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, in documentary One Note At A Time

This is the story of struggling artists in New Orleans and their resilience

What We Think

Unions must lead action against the Tories

There is a glaring gap between the scale of the Tory crisis and the level of resistance from unions.

Corbyn’s retreat shows Labour’s limitations

Jeremy Corbyn has spent his political life campaigning against oppression, imperialism and racism. His first act after being elected Labour leader in September 2015 was to join a protest in solidarity with refugees.

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LETTERS - Palestinian refugees must have the right to return home

There was more evidence last week that the full support Donald Trump’s administration is giving to the occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestine is unprecedented.

The Troublemaker - 60 percent of cops keep jobs in sexual harassment cases

Some 96 cops were punished for sexual harassment in the last three years—but most kept their jobs.

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