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Issue: 2621

Dated: 11 Sep 2018

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Updated- unity statement backs mobilisations against racism and the far right

MPs and union leaders support 17 November national demonstration and 20 October conference

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Labour sources reveal how party retreated over Palestine solidarity

Socialist Worker can reveal what happened in the Labour Party National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting this week which saw a retreat over Palestinian rights.

Deregulation led to Grenfell Tower fire, argues new firefighters’ union report

Firefighters were not responsible for people dying in the Grenfell Tower fire, despite the propaganda campaign being mounted against them.

Oppose far right mobilisation in London on 13 October

The viciously racist Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) has called a mobilisation in London on 13 October.

We need a fightback and a general election, not ‘People’s Vote’

 TUC union federation general secretary Frances O’Grady joined growing calls led by the right and big business for a “People’s Vote” on a Brexit deal on Sunday. 

The Seagull can't rise above period drama convention

Anton Chekov made his name casting a critical eye on the Russian middle class in the twilight years of Tsarist rule.

Reports round-up - Council workers win the London Living Wage

Workers at Kensington and Chelsea council celebrated winning their demand of the London Living Wage of £10.20 an hour last week.

Glasgow workers get ready for strikes over equal pay

Equal pay campaigners in Glasgow are getting ready to deliver a huge mandate for action when their strike ballot closes in the next week.

Big support for bus pickets in Nottingham and Derbyshire

Bus workers in Nottingham and Derbyshire struck on Monday of this week against a below-inflation 2.5 percent “poverty pay” offer.

Birmingham care strikers need support

Home care workers in Birmingham are determined to win their battle to defend services, as their dispute should become a focus for the trade union movement.

Traffic wardens get ready for a five-day walkout to demand higher wages

Traffic wardens in Camden, central London are “very, very ready” to begin a five-day strike to fight for decent pay, on Monday.

Housing report exposes the misery of private renters as landlords grab more cash

Money-grabbing landlords, a lack of social housing and sky-high rents are fuelling a private rental sector that means many suffer in insecure, unsafe homes.

Labour’s new antisemitism definition hits solidarity with Palestine

The Labour Party’s new definition of antisemitism has already had a chilling effect on pro-Palestinian campaigners’ willingness to criticise Israel

Trade unions join call for ‘People’s Vote’ on Brexit

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady fought to shift the union federation this week behind growing calls led by the right and big business for a “People’s Vote” on Brexit.

Cop cleared in Judah misconduct taser case

A cop who tasered a race relations officer in the face has been cleared of misconduct.

Fighting unions are needed to beat May

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady challenged Theresa May to call a general election after accusing the Tories of “bankrupting” public services and doing “absolutely nothing” to help workers

Teachers meet to discuss their campaign over pay

NEU union members in London planned a pay rally


Racism is at the root of Swedish far right gains

Racists celebrated in Sweden after elections saw a vicious anti-immigrant party make a breakthrough with a record number of votes

US rulers are in a deep state of hypocrisy

The only force stopping Donald Trump pressing the nuclear button is the benign figures at the heart of the US state. That’s according to them, anyway.

Toxic water protests in Basra turn into rage at corruption and sectarianism

Protests erupted in Iraqi city Basra last week. People stormed and burned government offices in anger at toxic water supplies, power cuts and corruption.


‘Community’ is no way to fight against oppression

Sharing a religion or ethnicity doesn’t mean everyone has the same interests, argues Sadie Robinson

The Labour right are attacking the real anti-racists

Something remarkable is happening in the Labour Party. The right is trying to seize the mantle of anti-racism.


Ten years from Lehman Brothers—The day the system nearly collapsed

When US banking giant Lehman Brothers collapsed a decade ago, it marked the beginning of a gigantic crash that bosses still want us to pay for today.

Oslo deal betrayed Palestinians

The Oslo Accords signed 25 years ago helped Israel tighten its grip on Palestine. They enshrined the two-state solution that has been since exposed as a sham, writes Nick Clark


Dissent reinterpreted in new exhibition curated by Hislop

Powerful pieces are on display at British Museum’s latest big show but its eclecticism means their context is lacking, argues Hassan Mahamdallie

Inspiring anti-racist message from 1978

The Northern Carnival against the Nazis—a rally and concert held on 15 July 1978 in Moss Side, Manchester—was a defining moment in establishing anti-racism in the city and beyond.

What We Think

EU border force Frontex - now with guns to use on migrants

When the Syrian regime begins its latest bloody assault on its own people, politicians in Europe will be ready to feign sorrow for the victims.

Health is a class issue

Women in Britain die earlier than women living in most other European countries, according to Public Health England (PHE).

Other Categories

LETTERS: Ending inequality for good will take systematic change

A report on economic justice from the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) calls for reforms to the UK economy

The things they say

‘It is absolutely ridiculous to suggest that this has anything to do with the current administration’

The Troublemaker - Second passports for the rich are the must-have buy

Dominica is good, Portugal is better, but Malta is best.

Councils inject £9 billion into fracking companies

A new report has uncovered how council bosses are investing workers’ money into dirty drilling. Sarah Bates looks at who’s funding the fossil fuel giants

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