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Issue: 1927

Dated: 13 Nov 2004

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Bush and Blair ‘unleash hell’ on Fallujah

‘We’ll kill as many faggots and bastards as we can’ Nicholas Federici, US army corporal

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This is what it’s like to be under assault in Fallujah

THE ASSAULT on Fallujah has started. It is being sold as liberation of the people of Fallujah. It is being sold as a necessary step to implementing "democracy" in Iraq. These are lies.

US judge says Guantanamo trial is illegal

THE MILITARY trial of a Guantanamo Bay detainee has been halted after a US federal judge ruled it unconstitutional.

Protests show instant response to the attack

PROTESTS TOOK place across Britain on Monday of this week within hours of the start of the US assault on Fallujah. Stop the War Coalition activists report:

Who says?

"There’s civilians in there who want to just try to live. Beating the crap out of their city is not the best way to co-opt them into the political process."

Asbestos: the hidden death toll is still rising

IT WAS only as the death toll mounted that the former textile workers in Bradford began to suspect what was happening.

In brief

Railway safety warning ignored RAIL UNION leader Bob Crow braved media scorn when he called for scrapping level crossings in the aftermath of the derailment in Berkshire that claimed seven lives last weekend.

Make Jaguar demonstration a focus for city’s anger over attacks on jobs

THE TGWU, Amicus and GMB unions have called a march and rally to save Jaguar’s Browns Lane factory in Coventry.

Late delivery of apology from Channel 4 bosses

CHANNEL 4’s Dispatches programme has finally admitted it portrayed postal workers unfairly and misleadingly in a programme broadcast in April.

Fire service

FIRE STATION cooks staged a lobby of a meeting of the London Fire Authority on Thursday of last week as part of their campaign to stop the scrapping of station catering.


AROUND 70 members of the Unison United Left met last Saturday in Liverpool after the march in support of striking social workers.

'Don't come here - die in Darfur'

THE BRITISH government is turning back refugees from Darfur in Sudan, even though it says that appalling suffering and mass murder are going on in the area.

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz on The imperialist origins of the US

George Bush won re-election by proving himself a militarist and imperialist that would make the "founding fathers" proud.

The rise of the left out of the ashes - Roger Burbach

THE VICTORY of George Bush on 2 November is a stunning defeat for the Democratic Party. But it is not a defeat for the progressive political movement in the US.

Remembering the dead, fighting the US occupation

THE anti-war movement was already taking to the streets before the all-out assault on Fallujah.

David Morley: who bred homophobic hate?

The dreadful killing of David Morley in London has brought to attention the continuing prevalence of homophobia.

How Tony Blair threw George Bush a lifeline

ONE FACTOR has been largely overlooked in the coverage of Bush’s election—Blair’s crucial role in securing him a second term.

Determined to win

EWS MANAGEMENT has been trying to impose a new contract for some drivers, which would mean them doing the jobs of engineering and ground staff.

Victory at King’s Cross

CONSTRUCTION workers at Laing O’Rourke’s site at King’s Cross, London, have won a significant battle in the campaign for a decent contract.

Low paid to fight back

THE NATIONAL Union of Journalists (NUJ) is preparing a nationwide Fair Pay Now campaign against low pay in the media industry.

Unite to stop the schools sacrifice

Overwhelming concern and considerable opposition. This was the response of parents to proposals to close down the St Mary Magdalene Church of England Primary School in Islington, north London, at a "consultation" meeting last week.


Baggage handlers at GroundStar/Swissport at Stansted airport were celebrating victory this week after voting to strike over pay.

In brief

Strikers smoke out bosses SOME 400 members of the Amicus union at the British American Tobacco plant in Southampton went on strike on Wednesday of last week.


Election gives a glimpse of growing social turmoil

UKRAINE IS in the midst of a general election.

A battle for the soul of the country

THERE IS an electric atmosphere in our country as we move towards an indefinite strike which will begin next Tuesday.

‘Don’t check in—check out’ say locked out US hotel workers

Some 4,300 hotel workers in San Francisco remain locked out by their employers in a dispute over pay and conditions, centring on healthcare costs.



£64,357 and rising

SOCIALIST WORKER readers have raised a total of £64,357. That means you’ve raised over £11,000 in the last week alone towards our moving fund.

'Beyond expectations'

‘The strength of feeling, the unity of purpose, the confidence, the determination and the anger were in the air in every town and city across Britain on 5 November.

This battle’s for the vulnerable

AROUND 300 people demonstrated in Liverpool city centre last Saturday in support of the social workers who have been on indefinite strike for the past 11 weeks.

There’s no chance to help people any more

You have recently carried out research talking to social workers about their working experience. What did you find? The study found dramatic results. Not a single social worker I spoke to said they would recommend the job to a friend or family member. Large numbers were actively looking to get out.

We still have the power to beat Bush

A HUGE groan went up around the world on Thursday of last week when it became clear that George Bush had won another term of office as US president. Even those who doubted whether John Kerry would have been much better were depressed at the thought of Bush and his gang winning another four years to pillage the planet and wage the global war they declared after 11 September 2001.

Who's to blame this time?

By Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St Clair

East German activists: 'We tore down the dictators'

IN 1989 mass demonstrations, strikes and confrontations brought lightning-fast transformation to the Stalinist states that most people thought would never change.

Then we fought for freedom—now it’s social rights. The two belong together

In 1989 you helped organise the Monday demonstrations. What were the goals?


Take the Troubles and wrap a story round them

In my new book, The Defender, the main character, a 14 year old boy called Ian, comes home to find two menacing characters waiting for his dad.

A Cloud in Trousers shows the poet Mayakovsky trying to a make a revolution within a revolution

Taking its title from one of Vladimir Mayakovsky’s greatest poems, in which the future poet of the Russian Revolution revealed that he could be as tender hearted as "a cloud in trousers", this play sets out to bring us the story of the man himself.


Camouflage is Relative Pete Miser

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Children should be heard and not hit So let's get this right. After last week’s parliamentary vote you can smack your child – but only a mild smack – and take care to leave no signs of visible bruising, or you will be in trouble!


Tuesday 16 November TUC public service pensions lobby of parliament. Contact your union for transport details.


LOUISE MICHEL was one of the leaders of the Paris Commune in 1871, when workers took control of Paris.

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