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Issue: 2622

Dated: 18 Sep 2018

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Fascists march in Sunderland and Tories boost antisemitism - Stop the racists

Sunderland in the north east of England saw violent scenes last Saturday

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TUC congress backs Stand Up To Racism unity demonstration against racism and fascism

The Trades Union Congress has unanimously passed a motion backing an anti-racist and anti-fascist demonstration in November.

East London health trust drops racist ID checks after protest

Health campaigners are celebrating after east London’s biggest trust hospitals trust partially backed down over checking patients’ immigration status

Home care strikers rally in Birmingham

Over 100 striking home care workers and supporters rallied in Birmingham’s city centre on Saturday—their 21st day of industrial action

Hundreds oppose racist Democratic Football Lads Alliance in Sunderland

Over 250 people gathered in a peaceful protest to oppose the Democratic Football Lads Alliance march in Sunderland

NHS strikes against outsourcing set to take place in Kent and York

Health workers are stepping up the fight against a dangerous new form of privatisation that threatens the NHS

Corbyn smeared as antisemitic after he blames bankers for banking crisis

Supporters of Israel hardened up their attacks on backers of Jeremy Corbyn ahead of the Labour Party conference this week.

Workers were right on university pensions

A new report has totally vindicated university workers’ decision to strike over pensions earlier this year

Reports round-up: Unite tells construction workers not to walk off site if one of them dies

The Unite union has agreed a deal that would see workers carry on working if anyone is killed during construction of the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant

Teachers launch fight for higher pay at London rally

Over 70 people came to a pay rally for NEU union members in London on Thursday of last week.

Trump ramps up trade wars to boost his flagging support

Tensions between the US and China threatens workers—and exposes Donald Trump’s weakness, says Charlie Kimber

Robinson’s retrial poses threat to all anti-racists

The Nazi’s return to court next week could be a boost for the far right

Cops launch new stop and search clampdown - but it won’t stop knife crime

The police plan more stop and search with backing from the Tories.

Kirklees bin workers vote for indefinite strike

Kirklees bin workers, members of the Unison union, have voted to start an indefinite strike

Migration report calls for clampdown—but finds migrants don’t hurt jobs, wages or services

A Tory government-commissioned report has called for migrants to lose some of their rights after Britain leaves the European Union

Unions at Glasgow city council set for battles over equal pay

Low-paid women workers in Glasgow have dealt a blow to their bosses by delivering an overwhelming vote for strikes


Powerful solidarity with refugees in Austria and Germany

Anti-racists from Austria and Germany joined forces at the border town of Passau

Mass strike in Turkey defies state repression

Construction workers’ action is against firms with close links to the government

Egyptian regime sentences protesters to death

The British-backed Egyptian regime of dictator Mohammed Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has sentenced 75 survivors of its most horrific massacre to death

Roma reoccupy River Village in Italy

Families of Roma people briefly reoccupied a camp called River Village on the outskirts of Rome

Israel ramps up repression

Israeli soldiers shot and killed a 12 year old Palestinian boy in the Gaza Strip last week. It marked a low point of days of violent Israeli repression across all of Palestine.


Union leaders aren’t doing enough to unite workers in action

If the ambitions of the trade union movement are going to be realised then we need to go beyond sectional battles

Why battles over working hours are key to capitalism

Bosses won’t let us benefit from advances in technology unless we fight them, argues Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Bold strikes mean cleaners are winning big

Cleaners across London have got bosses running scared.

Liberals do not have any answers to crisis

Ten years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, it’s a matter of controversy whether the global economic crisis it helped to precipitate is over.


Fight the far right by challenging racism—not conceding to it

Some trade unionists want to talk to racist street movements. But victory against the far right doesn’t lie in compromise with its Islamophobia

Who would gain from a ‘People’s Vote’?

There is growing momentum behind calls for a ‘People’s Vote’ over Brexit. Support ranges from big business and right wing liberals to left wingers and union leaders. Sadie Robinson and Sarah Bates look at the campaign’s aim and how socialists should respond


Towering architectural feats? Piano fails to hit the right note

Architect Renzo Piano has made a successful career out of designing buildings that ordinary people are largely excluded from using

Faces and Places is a nice telling of ordinary lives—but does it marginalise black people?

Director Agnes Varda and photographer JR travel around France and put up huge photographs of the people they meet

Michael Inside—an honest account of life in prison

Director Frank Berry challenges the concept of prison reform in his new drama Michael Inside

What We Think

Survey shows we have to fight for our anti-racist ideas

Despite the racist onslaught from the politicians and the press, a majority of people think immigration has had an overall positive impact on Britain

Brexit didn’t drive Jaguar cuts

One thousand Jaguar car workers in the West Midlands are to be put on a three-day week

Other Categories

Letters—Union leaders must do a lot more to secure real change

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) this year passed a number of policies that, if implemented, would make a real difference to working people’s lives.

The Troublemaker —One in ten in poverty and yet more Tory cuts coming soon

More than one in ten people in Britain live in “persistent poverty”.

Beware the union leaders’ moves against Corbyn at Labour Party conference

This year’s Labour Party conference could mark the moment that trade union leaders reveal themselves as Jeremy Corbyn’s most unreliable allies.

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