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Issue: 2624

Dated: 02 Oct 2018

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Tories plot fresh racist clampdown on migrants

The Tories have unveiled a new war on migrants in a desperate bid to save their car-crash government.

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Jeremy Corbyn promises ‘radical solutions’ ten years after banking crash

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn attacked “greed is good” capitalism and promised radical economic change on Wednesday.

Tube workers strike over staffing and safety

A strike on the Piccadilly line saw hundreds of workers shut down a main transport route in London. 

Anti-racists prepare to take on Nazi threat after Tommy Robinson’s retrial is put back

A baying crowd of Nazis gathered outside the Old Bailey in central London to greet their fuhrer Tommy Robinson on Thursday.

Tory fracking drive lies behind jailing of three activists

Preston Crown Court saw dramatic scenes as three anti-fracking activists were given lengthy jail sentences on Wednesday. 

Pay figures show scale of institutional racism in NHS

Shocking new statistics have revealed the scale of institutional racism within the health service.

Strikers lead anti-Tory march in Birmingham

Chants of “Tory scum, get out of Brum” rang out in Birmingham on Saturday as around 1,200 people joined a march ahead of the Tory party conference.

Anti-deportation activists face jail time under terror legislation

A group of anti-deportation activists face lengthy jail terms—including the possibility of life behind bars—as they go on trial on Monday. 

Striking Camden traffic wardens say no waiting for pay justice

The Unison union members in north London are taking the fight for higher pay to outsourcing giant NSL.

Ivy House pub workers stage unofficial strike over zero hours contracts

Workers at a south London pub are on their second day of a wildcat strike in a battle over zero hours contracts.

Hundreds walk out at Northern Rail against unsafe driver only trains

Northern rail workers walked out on Saturday of last week in the latest action in their long-running fight for passenger safety.

The Village School keeps up academy fight as workers face attacks in Bradford

NEU union members at The Village School in Brent, west London, are continuing their fight to stop the school becoming an academy.

Colleges fight for funding - and strike over pay in south London

UCU union members plan to protest on Wednesday 17 October during a week of action over further education funding.

Reports round-up - cleaners in London score two more wins against outsourcing

Cleaners at two London universities have been brought in house by management.

Anti-racist activity in your local area

Stand Up To Racism supporters have been organising across Britain to take on racism and the far right. Here’s Socialist Worker’s round-up

Birmingham home care workers keep up the fight

Birmingham home care workers are continuing their nine-month battle to beat off attacks on their jobs and the service

No to demolition without the tenants’ permission

Housing campaigners and residents in London are to protest against plans from mayor Sadiq Khan to deny them a vote on regeneration plans that affect their estates

Time to get organised to break up the British state

A key organiser of the independence march in Edinburgh this Saturday has called on the Scottish National Party (SNP) to use its mandate to demand a second independence referendum

Fujitsu privatisation failure could cost the NHS a fortune

The health service could soon be forced to pay £400 million to a multinational

Build Stand Up To Racism in Scotland

As the far right grows in Britain and across Europe, Scotland needs a stronger anti-racist movement

School and council workers are set for equal pay action in Glasgow

Thousands of workers in Glasgow council are preparing for strikes over equal pay.

College lecturers in Scotland throw out pay offer and should now prepare for action

Further Education lecturers in Scotland have voted by 90 percent, on a 60 percent turnout, to reject management’s pay offer in an indicative ballot.

Work leaves us exhausted

British workers are under more pressure at work than at any time in the past 25 years

Wildcat walkout win at south London pub shows strikes work

Workers at a south London pub have declared victory after ending an indefinite wildcat strike.


Indonesian tsunami—an avoidable tragedy

A tsunami early warning system that could have saved many lives in Indonesia had not been introduced because of lack of money.

Brett Kavanaugh case sparks big protests across the US

Action in solidarity with victims shows that people want to fight oppression, says Alistair Farrow

Israeli state murders children during Great March of Return protests in Gaza

Israel killed seven Palestinians—including a 12 year old boy—during protests in Gaza last Friday.


The truth about food that makes us sick

Pret A Manger killed a teenage girl.


Blood money - victims speak out on the Infected Blood scandal

A new inquiry is set to look at the decades of secrecy shrouding the use of contaminated blood in Britain. Thousands died as a result of being given blood that experts knew was infected with Hepatitis C. Sadie Robinson spoke to those fighting for justice

October 1968 - when Derry dared to revolt against British imperialism

Fifty years ago this week an attack on a Derry civil rights march led to one of the biggest revolts against British rule in Northern Ireland. Simon Basketter tells the story

Remembering Derry 1968 - ‘This is not a riot. It is an outburst of rage’

The week after the Derry events Socialist Worker ran a front page story by Eamonn McCann. We reproduce an abridged version below


Black 47's Western genre does justice to the horror of Ireland’s famine

Black 47 is a familiar tale of righteous violent revenge. But its subject matter sees it stand alone from other classics of the genre

What We Think

Don’t give in to myths about asylum seekers

A Tory deal has banned asylum seekers from being housed in the north east of England following far right protests.

The rich are the real looters in Indonesia

People in flood-hit towns and cities in Indonesia have resorted to taking supplies from shops without paying.

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LETTERS - Co-op supermarket fails to cooperate with our rights

The Co-op seems to have joined the race to the bottom on workers’ rights.

The things they say

‘Wasn’t expecting that reaction but that’s okay’

The Troublemaker—Royal relative is slammed for making cash from sick sales

The Duchess of Cambridge’s mum Carole has been blasted for ­flogging a Halloween ­costume of a princess ­splattered in blood

Barnet Tory council’s latest privatising fraud revealed 

Outsourcing has been rife at Barnet council in north London. A new report shows how corruption developed in privatised services, reports Sarah Bates

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