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Issue: 2625

Dated: 09 Oct 2018

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Woman on benefits says—‘Tory benefit cuts forced me to starve’

The Universal Credit benefits regime has to be scrapped

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Theresa May’s desperate speech dances around the truth

Theresa May has declared an end to austerity, much of the mainstream press told us on Wednesday. But her speech to the Tory party conference in Birmingham did no such thing.

Restaurant strikers unite to demand pay rise of £10 an hour and union recognition

Restaurant and pub workers struck against on poverty pay on Thursday.

Indonesian tsunami victims arrested and shot at by cops

 The real scandal is not poor people 'looting'. It’s that they have been left abandoned for days as supplies of food, water and medicines run out.

Stockpiles of body parts are just the latest failure of NHS privatisation

Hundreds of tonnes of body parts and surgical waste have been stockpiled by a major outsourcer.

Tories plan to snatch hundreds of pounds from parents

Millions of families are set to lose £200 a month under the next phase of the Universal Credit (UC) benefit system.

‘Dangerous’ racist rules scapegoat refugees

Councils that refuse to house some asylum seekers are whipping up division, writes?Nick Clark

100,000 join Scottish independence march in Edinburgh

It was the largest ever march about the issue and shattered the myth that support for independence is ebbing away.

Mental health cuts leave quarter of patients waiting three months for treatment

Shocking new research has revealed the scale of the crisis facing mental health services.

Migrant children denied free school meals under harsh Tory regulations

The children of refugees and migrants are going hungry because of the Tories’ racist immigration policies.

Back Bolton health workers’ battle for NHS pay

Outsourced health workers in Bolton were set to begin a 48-hour walkout for higher pay on Thursday.

Reports round up: Cable workers lay claim to a rise more than 2 percent

Cable workers lay claim to a rise more than 2 percent

Local government round up: Birmingham home care workers plan more action

Birmingham home care workers are preparing to unleash another programme of strikes in their long-running battle against redundancies, cuts and privatisation.

Strikes are just the ticket for Camden traffic wardens

Traffic wardens at Camden council in north London finished a solid five-day strike for higher pay on Friday of last week.

Take action to push back the racists

Stand Up To Racism supporters have been organising across Britain to take on racism and the far right. Here’s Socialist Worker’s round-up

Stark warning issued over a global rise in temperature

A new report warns against further global temperature rises. Implementing it will mean challenging the logic of capitalism, argues Sarah Bates

Protest demands freedom for anti-fracking three

Hundreds of anti-fracking campaigners marched on a prison in Preston, Lancashire, last Saturday to demand the release of three activists.

Join the protest against racist DFLA march in London

Anti-racists plan to protest against the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) in London this Saturday.

Don't trust Theresa May’s housing pledge - demand new council homes

Theresa May announced last week that she was removing the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) borrowing cap for local authorities.

Attacks on working conditions at Royal Mail

Royal Mail postal workers lost out on hundreds of pounds due to privatisation last week—and now top bosses want to give them another kicking.

Protest in north London against police brutality highlights cops' statistics

Cops in London used force over 40,000 times in the first five months of the 2018/2019 financial year.


Senate vote brings sexist Brett Kavanaugh closer to supreme court confirmation

The US Senate cleared the way for confirming Donald Trump ally Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court judge on Friday.

Far right candidate comes out on top in first round of Brazilian election

The right are on the rise in Brazil.

Determined day of strikes in France against Macron’s barrage of attacks

Workers and students in France struck and protested on Tuesday in a renewal of the battle against President Emmanuel Macron.

Kavanaugh appointment is an indictment of the system

There are more battles to come after a vile sexist was appointed to the US Supreme Court

Large protest in Dublin over housing crisis and widespread homelessness

The Irish government faces a mass movement over a housing crisis


Don’t fall for right wing lies over abuse perpetrators

The left should give no ground to argument that Asian men are more likely to be child abusers, argues Sadie Robinson

Will the rich flee before a Corbyn government?

While Brexit obsesses politicians and commentators, the super-rich apparently are more worried about Jeremy Corbyn.


Calling time on the bullying bosses

McDonald’s, Wetherspoon and TGI Fridays strikers on their fight and how they organised

State racism—fuelling the fire of fascism

Tories and others claim that they can undermine the far right by being more racist. But as Tomáš Tengely-Evans explains, conceding to the fascists’ ideas just boosts them


First Man puts humanity at centre of the space race

The new biopic of Neil Armstrong is about much more than a tense marriage and celestial exploration

Courageous production of Brecht’s anti-war classic Mother Courage and her children

Red Ladder Theatre Company, with the support of Leeds Playhouse, are putting on a new production of Bertolt Brecht’s Mother Courage and Her Children

What We Think

We need system change to save the planet

If the disaster that climate scientists warned of this week is to be avoided, there needs to be radical action.

Hancock's half-cocked response to crisis in mental health

Tory health secretary Matt Hancock offered warm words in the run-up to World Mental Health Day on Wednesday.

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LETTERS - Black History Month should not just be about ‘diversity’

Does it matter what Black History Month is called?

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Theresa May courts Observer newspaper readers

David Cameron gave spooks a licence to kill and torture

MI5’s agents and informants have been secretly and officially authorised to carry out crimes without scrutiny

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