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Issue: 2628

Dated: 30 Oct 2018

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Global menace of the far right can be beaten

A fascist gunned down 11 Jewish people at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, in the US, last week.

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Keep up universities and colleges pay fight

UCU union members in further and higher education have voted for strikes over pay.

Solidarity and sympathy strikes as workers refuse to cross Glasgow pay picket lines

A fight for equal pay is sparking a strike wave across Glasgow City Council (GCC).

So-called Tory clampdown on rogue landlords will do nothing to help tenants

The Tory promise to crack down on “rogue” landlords is a sham.

Winter flu vaccine crisis looms after years of Tory budget cuts and selloffs in NHS

An east London GP has warned that elderly people could die this winter because of flu vaccine shortages.

‘Fortress mentality’ means Tories ignore ‘unacceptable hardship’ of Universal Credit

The Tories’ hated Universal Credit benefit is causing “unacceptable hardship and difficulties” for many claimants, according to a new report from MPs.

Monster march in Glasgow to demand more pay for teachers shows the mood to fight

Around 30,000 teachers and their supporters marched through Glasgow on Saturday in a massively powerful display of their determination to win a 10 percent pay rise.

Families and friends march demands the government acts over deaths in custody

Over 200 people marched on Saturday to remember the thousands who have died after coming into contact with the police, and to demand change.

Anti-racist round-up - protest and meetings take on the right

Stand Up To Racism supporters have been organising across Britain to take on racism and the far right.

Meagre ‘handouts’ and more cuts—why Philip Hammond’s budget isn’t the end of austerity

Tory chancellor Philip Hammond’s budget on Monday confirmed that austerity is not over.

Frackers all shaken up as tremors pause work

Bosses’ claims that fracking is safe have been rumbled by activists and small earthquakes, says Sarah Bates

Dinner ladies won’t let up strike for jobs

Unison union members at Ladywood Primary School in Grimethorpe, South Yorkshire, are not giving up in their fight against job cuts.

Local government round-up—Salford nurseries and Scottish local government pay

Protest demands Salford council funds nurseries

Reports round-up—Call action in colleges now

Call action in colleges now

Precarious workers march to bring rights back from dead

Hundreds of workers and their supporters marched through London

Vulnerable residents could lose homes under south east London council plan

Forty one households in south east London fear they will be removed from their homes by the Labour-run council’s plan to scrap their sheltered accommodation.


Resistance needed after far right victory in Brazil

Jair Bolsonaro took around 55 percent of the vote and threatens to unleash brutal attacks on working class people

Racism from Donald Trump lies behind attack on synagogue in Pittsburgh

Eleven people were murdered on Saturday in the deadliest single attack on Jewish people in the history of the US.

Ten dead in latest wave of Israel’s slaughter

Over 100 airstrikes blighted Gaza in just one night, but Palestinians are still resisting, says Nick Clark

International round-up - Anti-racist action across Italy and German forest under threat

“In my country nobody is a foreigner!” This slogan summarised a day of national mobilisation in Italy on Saturday last week.


Murder of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi shows up a brutal regime

Arabian activist Ameen Nemer tells Socialist Worker how a journalist’s murder will shine a light on the regime’s brutality

The White House can’t trump socialism

The Trump administration is full of surprises. The White House’s Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) has just published a 72-page report called, “The Opportunity Costs of Socialism.”


The women that make Glasgow are striking back

Working class women make Glasgow. That’s the message last week’s stunning 48-hour strike sent out as Glasgow City Council (GCC) services ground to a halt.

The brutal history of Peterloo

As director Mike Leigh’s film tells the story of the Peterloo massacre, Simon Basketter argues the events show how the ruling class reacts when its position is threatened


The workers who sabotaged Pinochet’s murder machine

A new film tells how engineers in East Kilbride refused to work on the Chilean regime’s jet engines. Dave Sherry spoke to one of those workers, John Keenan

What We Think

Scrap Universal Credit

Tory chancellor Philip Hammond threw more money at the hated Universal Credit (UC) benefit in this week’s budget. MPs’ fears of unrest because of the impact of UC forced his hand.

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LETTERS - People’s Vote isn’t left wing, but don’t dismiss marchers

I shudder to think that I’m part of the same movement as Tory MPs, war criminals Alastair Campbell and Tony Blair and their like.

The Troublemaker—US mercenaries worked as a ‘murder squad’ in Yemen

A US company Spear Operations Group organised a private assassination squad to work in Yemen.

Claims over ‘Asian sex gangs’ don’t stack up

Racists blame Muslims for child abuse, but researcher Ella Cockbain told Sadie Robinson about the reality

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