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Issue: 2629

Dated: 06 Nov 2018

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New figures on child refugees make a mockery of Tory promises

Sea routes are becoming deadlier, but the Tories are refusing to offer refuge, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

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Workers face ‘growing epidemic’ of stress at work, says TUC

Excessive workloads and bullying in “toxic” workplaces are part of the problem.

Women workers are losing thousands of pounds in retirement, new figures show

Women will receive thousands of pounds less a year in retirement – on top of facing a longer wait before they can claim their state pension.

Google staff stage walkouts to demand firm does more to tackle sexual misconduct

Workers at Google staged walkouts across the world from 11.10am on Thursday in protest at how the firm handles allegations of sexual misconduct.

Confident mood on the picket line as Bradford university staff strike to save jobs

Workers at Bradford university are on strike to defend jobs and conditions. The Unison union members, representing cleaners, cooks, gardeners, technicians, security guards and admin staff, began a three-day strike on Wednesday.

Stand with Karen Reissmann and the fight for NHS pay

A leading health worker in Unison has been suspended from holding office in the union, according to leaked internal emails.

John McDonnell’s appeal to the bosses is a warning about the limits of Labour

John McDonnell, Labour’s shadow chancellor, made an appeal to banking fat cats this week.

Hundreds of anti-fascists humiliate tiny group of Nazis in Liverpool

Hundreds of protesters drove a far right group out of Liverpool on Saturday.

Exclusive - London councils house vulnerable residents on industrial estates

London boroughs are sending people to live on industrial estates in Harlow, Essex.

Report from MPs slams ‘pointlessly cruel’ benefit sanctions

A damning report slammed the government’s brutal benefit sanctions regime. It said the human cost of sanctions, where benefits are withheld, is “simply too high” and “pointlessly cruel”.

Karen Reissmann - victimised for speaking out against health pay deal?

Solidarity is growing for a nurse and leading union activist who has been suspended from holding office in the Unison union.

Tube workers push for safety on lines

Tube workers are fighting to maintain safety on the London Underground.

Strong battle for jobs at Bradford university

Workers at Bradford university are striking to defend jobs and conditions

Debating ideas and action at Marxism in Scotland 2018

There was much discussion about the case for Scottish independence and how this had to be linked to a wider programme of class battles at Marxism in Scotland

Reports round-up: March to save libraries

Around 100 people marched in London to say “Save Our Libraries”

Anti-racism round-up—Building a network against racism

Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) supporters are organising across Britain against racism and the far right.

Battles over Palestine solidarity in universities and council

The pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign scored a victory after Leeds university divested from firms linked to Israeli violence.

Birmingham care strike to save services

Care workers are unleashing a huge wave of strikes at Birmingham City Council after a successful five-day strike from last Friday.

Somerset care workers plan walkouts to stop Sirona bosses’ pay cut plan

Low-paid care workers in Bath and North East Somerset are preparing to strike to head off attempts to slash their pay.


Brazilian socialist speaks out - ‘The workers’ movement can beat Bolsonaro’

Brazilian socialist Sandra Silva spoke to Socialist Worker about how people are resisting in the wake of Bolsonaro’s win

Donald Trump tells soldiers to shoot migrants arriving at US’s south border

Racist US president Donald Trump has sent soldiers to the country’s southern border—threatening that they’ll shoot migrants from countries such as Honduras and El Salvador.

British royal visit to Nigeria after mass killing of peaceful marchers

Prince Charles visited Nigeria in West Africa this week in the aftermath of a horrendous state massacre.


Shift in solidarity movement as Palestine activists call for a single state

A definite shift has taken place in the Palestine solidarity movement. Not so long ago people who call for a one state solution in Palestine were a clear minority.


Has Brazil fallen to fascism?

Far right Jair Bolsonaro is a threat to workers and the oppressed. But the potential power of those who oppose him means it’s possible to stop his project, argues Alistair Farrow

Days of hope - the 1918 German Revolution

A revolution in Germany that erupted 100 years ago this month rocked Europe’s rulers and put a socialist world on the agenda. Tomáš Tengely-Evans looks at how the revolt showed the power of workers to liberate themselves—and to end bloody war.


Widows is a heist film that pushes at the genre’s limits

Steve McQueen’s new film couldn’t be more different to his past work. It’s strength is in nuanced, powerful points about US society, says?Julia Ryder

Explosive war caper lords it over zombies and Nazis

As a cult subgenre, Nazi zombie films have their own conventions and cliches to follow. Producer JJ Abram’s Overlord works because it does them so well.

I’m Not Running

Plays about the plight of the Labour Party must be in vogue.

What We Think

One hundred years on - remember that revolutions ended the First World War

This week marks 100 years since the end of the First World War. The bloody conflict caused appalling suffering and loss of life.

Hypocrisy over Grenfell after effigy burning

Every politician and pundit was publicly sickened by the disgusting video of people burning an effigy of Grenfell Tower on bonfire night.

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LETTERS - It’s right to challenge racist lies over child sexual abuse

I think this race stuff has allowed the police to shift focus away from how much they clearly don’t care about people from poorer or difficult backgrounds (Claims about ‘Asian sex gangs’ don’t stack up, 31 October).

The Troublemaker—Two thirds of richest firms won’t pay the living wage

Nearly two thirds of top firms fail to pay the “real living wage” while their bosses earn millions a year.

Why women workers are still fighting to win equal wages

A mass strike at Glasgow City Council last month exposed how women workers are still fighting for equality. Sarah Bates looks at how councils have got away with this for so long

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