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Issue: 2630

Dated: 13 Nov 2018

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Join the socialists and fight a racist system

Capitalism produces racism and uses it to keep us divided and distracted from the real relations in society.

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Upbeat strike at The John Roan school says no to academies

Workers at The John Roan school in Greenwich, south east London, struck on Wednesday. The NEU union members are fighting a plan to turn the school into a privately-run academy.

More struggle urgently needed after US elections

The Democrats won a majority in the House of Representatives for the first time in eight years. But the Republicans increased their majority in the Senate.

Shock and anger at Michelin factory closure

Tyre-maker Michelin's threat to 850 jobs has to be met by action from the unions. 

Poland’s right wing government boosts fascist march

A 200,000-strong march in the capital Warsaw was jointly organised by Poland’s fascist organisations and the highest state officials to mark the 100th anniversary of Poland’s independence.

Strikes fuel Royal Mail bosses’ crisis

The latest unofficial strike by postal workers last week came amid a tumultuous few days for Royal Mail, including the forced resignation of a top boss.

Unison must back heroic Birmingham care strikers

Birmingham’s fighting care workers were set to strike again this week.

Don’t give cops more power to use stop and search

Police chiefs want to make it easier to harass black people. They have met with senior Tories to discuss getting rid of requirements that cops must have “reasonable grounds” to search someone.

Millions on Universal Credit left poorer by Tories’ budget

A majority of claimants will still be worse off under the Tories’ Universal Credit (UC) despite extra money promised in the budget.

Reports round-up—Shutdown on Central Line

Tube drivers shut down the Central Line on Wednesday of last week as they walked out in a dispute about fair treatment at work.

Education round-up—Workers plan walkout for higher pay at six colleges

UCU union members across six colleges are expected to strike over pay on 28 and 29 November.

Use Brexit rows to get the Tories out

Government ministers were summoned to an emergency cabinet meeting to discuss a Brexit deal. It was unclear whether it would be approved by the cabinet, and still more uncertain what will happen when it goes to parliament. May's crisis is far from over.

After TGI Fridays bosses’ retreat, it’s time to fight for everyone

The Unite union heralded a victory at the TGI Fridays restaurant chain last week.

Day 35 of Northern strikes


Now strike to save jobs at shipyard

Workers at the Cammell Laird Shipyard in Birkenhead, Merseyside, have voted to strike to defend their jobs.

Overwhelming votes say no to 3 percent pay deals

A battle over local government pay in Scotland could be looming after more workers rejected their latest pay offer.

Rising struggle at Street Cranes

Workers at Street Cranes escalated their action this week to 48-hour stoppages on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Hundreds of Unison union members call for the reinstatement of Karen Reissmann

Unison union members have launched a campaign to defend leading health worker Karen Reissmann.

Carers reject extra hours or a cut in pay

Around 80 care workers struck over five days from last Saturday to stop a ­devastating pay cut.

Tories ditch plan to spy on ill migrants

The Tories have been forced to formally dump a scheme that saw NHS data used to target migrants.

Labour plan to challenge the state falls short

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell laid out what he said were the Labour leadership’s plans for transforming the state at an event on Monday evening.

Humiliation for racists and fascists in Norwich, Coventry and Cardiff

Around 1,000 anti-racists and anti?fascists outnumbered a motley crew of no more than 50 racists and Nazis in Norwich

Thousands gather for anti-racist unity demonstration in London

Thousands of people joined the national demonstration against racism and fascism in central London this Saturday.


Israel rains bombs on Gaza in new clampdown

Israel’s leader Binyamin Netanyahu threatens a new war amid fresh attacks on Gaza, says Nick Clark

Anti-fascists protest in Athens over Golden Dawn trial

Anti-fascists in Greece protested outside the Court of Appeal in Athens on Tuesday.


Fight for a world without racist border controls

Immigration laws are the backdrop to increasing attacks on migrants and refugees, argues Tomáš Tengely-Evans

US is trying to slow down China’s rise

Donald Trump has been blundering around Europe again, picking fights as he goes. But the relationship that really matters is between the US and China.


How we can push back against racism

Thousands of people will march in London on 17 November against the rise of racism and fascism. Activists spoke to Socialist Worker about the renewed threat from the right—and what needs to be done to fight it

The new rise of the right

From Hungary, to Italy, to Brazil, to the US, racists and fascists are growing. Charlie Kimber looks at what’s behind this terrifying growth—and how we can stop it


Exhibition shines a light on the art of the ‘dark ages’

The artefacts of six hundred years of Anglo-Saxon rule on display at the British Library provide a unique insight into history, writes Camilla Royle

Birds of Passage is a refreshing tale of gangs, family and the system

Birds of passage is a visually stunning account of the lives of the Wayuu clan who live in northern Colombia.

Reviews round-up—All We Wanted Was Everything


What We Think

Tory hypocrisy over famine in Yemen

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt called on Saudi Arabia to “stop famine and cholera intensifying” in Yemen ahead of meeting with the country’s rulers this week.

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Bill Ronksley 1924 - 2018

After a lifetime in the thick of working class struggle, Bill Ronksley, former president of train drivers' union Aslef and Sheffield TUC secretary, has died aged 94.

LETTERS—Bankrupting universities is part of a privatisation plan

The only surprise about the news that three universities are on the verge of bankruptcy is that it has taken so long.

The Troublemaker - Millionaire Tory landlord in sick video of Grenfell effigy

One of the six men arrested over a vile bonfire night effigy of Grenfell Tower is a property millionaire who owns an £8 million block of flats in Clapham, south London

Car industry bosses lay off hundreds to protect profits

Commentators, business and union leaders, say that Brexit is to blame for car factory closures. It’s really down to firms’ fear that overproduction will hit profits, argues Sarah Bates

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