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Issue: 2633

Dated: 04 Dec 2018

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Halt the rise of Robinson’s street army with unity

As the far right gains in confidence, the left must unite to defeat it

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Big turnout on picket lines as pay strikes begin at six colleges

UCU union members at six English colleges are on strike today in a battle over pay

Teachers refuse to cross picket line as school workers strike against academisation

GMB union members at The John Roan school in Greenwich, south east London, struck against a plan to turn the school into an academy

Climate change demonstration demands urgent action for a better society

Up to 2,000 people marched through central London to demand action on climate change.

Volunteering is no answer to Tory cuts

Eight years after David Cameron pledged to create a “Big Society” the Tories have finally made good on his promise.

New anti-academies fights launched as Village School celebrates step forward

Workers and parents at The Village School in Brent, west London, were celebrating after a plan to turn the school into an academy was halted.

Cladding firm tries to limit payouts ater Grenfell Tower fire

A ban on the use of combustible materials on buildings over 18 metres high is set to come into force on 21 December

Camden traffic wardens prepare to strike for better pay

Camden traffic wardens were preparing to return to the picket lines this week.

Crisis for Theresa May as vote on Brexit deal looms

Nobody at the top of society knows what will happen in British politics in the next two weeks—including Theresa May. A crisis has struck at the heart of the government and the Tories.

News round-up - more workers are in poverty, says new charity report

A fifth of the population in Britain is in poverty according to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation charity—and some four million are workers.

Strikes save jobs at Ladywood Primary School in Grimethorpe

Workers at Ladywood Primary school in Grimethorpe, South Yorkshire, were overjoyed to hear last week that management had backed down from sacking nine dinner ladies at Christmas.

Reports round up: Protests tell Tories—stop and scrap Universal Credit

Protests tell Tories—stop and scrap Universal Credit

Turn the feeling over teachers’ pay in Scotland into hard-hitting action

The result of last month’s EIS Scottish teachers’ union ballot was a 98 percent rejection of the pay offer on a 74 percent turnout.

Defend Paul Jonson and speak out for Palestine

Palestine solidarity activists were set to lobby Labour MP Ian Austin’s surgery in Dudley on Friday of this week.

Defend Karen Reissmann—lobby the Unison union leadership

Supporters of health worker Karen Reissmann were set to lobby a meeting of the Unison union’s national executive committee in London on Thursday.

French cops crack down on migrants

French cops have stepped up attempts to clear 1,500 refugees trapped at Britain’s border in Calais, northern France


Mass strike in South Korea reveals widespread anger at government

Hundreds of thousands of workers in South Korea struck last week against “labour market reforms” pushed by the government of president Moon Jae-in.

Yellow Vests protests in France defy state violence and rattle the government

The Yellow Vests movement has detonated a great movement of social protest

Mexico’s new left president already faces challenges

For many of the tens of millions of Mexicans who live in grinding poverty Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador represents a hope for change

Trillions of dollars have penta-gone

The US Department of Defence has been defrauding the federal government for decades

Far right takes step forward and could make it into government in Andalusia

A far right party has won seats in a Spanish regional election for the first time since the days of dictator Francisco Franco


Damning report exposes depth of racism in the EU

It’s no surprise that people of African decent face shocking levels of harassment in the EU, writes Alistair Farrow

George HW Bush - a killer and a crook

The fawning praise of the life and legacy of the now deceased mass murderer George HW Bush was as predictable as it was tedious.


Cammell Laird shipyard strike has bosses reeling

A series of strikes by shipyard workers in Birkenhead has won widespread support—and has the potential to push back bosses’ job cuts

How we can take control

Journalists and politicians like politics to be a game for a few specialists, with ordinary people spectators at best. But we have the power to throw them into crisis


Let’s get medieval—Ribera and the Art of Violence

Jusepe De Ribera has a grisly reputation but, argues?Ben Windsor, a new exhibition shows he did more than just glorify the violence around him

A vision focused on ordinary people

This is the first major retrospective of the work of Martin Jenkinson. He built his career on documenting the lives of ordinary people.

What We Think

A ‘people’s vote’ is a bad alternative for Labour

Jeremy Corbyn is inching towards backing a second referendum over Brexit

Riots rock our rulers

Riots in France pushed the government to retreat on a fuel tax rise

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Jean Dorothy Parkin, 1921-2018

Jean Parkin, my mother, died peacefully on 20 November 2018.

Letters—profit is driving car industry job losses and plant closures

Redundancies and cutbacks in the car industry have a long history

The things they say

‘It’s a tough time’

The Troublemaker—£65,000,000 for Trump to play golf watched by cops

The US Secret Service has allocated more than £70,000 for golf cart rentals in South Florida this winter, apparently to protect president Donald Trump

Solidarity with prisoners over the holidays

As the holiday season approaches, Socialist Worker asks readers to write to political prisoners and those who have suffered at the hands of the system

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