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Issue: 2635

Dated: 01 Jan 2019

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The Tories stoke racism with a fake crisis in the English Channel

The Tories have manufactured a sham migrant crisis to justify their racism, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

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Striking traffic wardens in Camden determined to win more pay

Traffic wardens in Camden, north London, are staging a magnificent two-week strike to win better pay.

Theresa May survives to lose another day

Over a third of Tory MPs voted against May, emphasising that she cannot pass her Brexit deal through parliament.

Fire authorities plan bonfire of services

A fire station in Scotland was so short-staffed in December that it was forced to close.

Chance of justice blocked at Grenfell fire inquiry

Any chance of justice for those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire is being delayed and blocked.

Tens of thousands forced into temporary accommodation by Tory austerity

The number of households living in temporary accommodation has rocketed by 71 percent under Tory austerity.  

French Yellow Vests fight on, and new forces join the movement

Yellow Vest protests took place across France on Saturday as the revolt against President Emmanuel Macron’s neoliberalism continued.

UN conference deal will not halt climate catastrophe

The official pronouncements are wholly inadequate, but pressure is mounting for politicians to act on climate change.

Workers thousands of pounds worse off than a decade ago—time for a pay fight

Wages are still worth a third less in some parts of Britain than a decade ago

Tories in crisis—but Labour is paralysed

Theresa May’s government hangs by a thread. But she won’t go unless she is pushed

Campaigners win a victory over fracking fiasco

Anti-fracking campaigners see the removal of fracking equipment from a site in Lancashire as a significant step forward.

Migration white paper - the Tories plan new racist laws

It includes a plan for a section of workers to be regarded as second-class 'foreigners' who are grudgingly allowed into Britain to be exploited

Newsquest journalists in Cumbria strike against cuts and for better pay

'Knowing that I’m being used is leaving me feeling crushed at the end of each day,' said a striker.

Police officer guilty of gross misconduct in Kingsley Burrell case

Kingsley died on 31 March 2011. He was restrained by police at a mental health unit and beaten severely while he had a towel placed over his face.

Palestine activist Paul Jonson reinstated after antisemitism claim is rejected

A council worker suspended from his job for criticising Israel has been reinstated.

Mass resistance and police repression in Catalonia

Thousands protested as the Spanish state held a cabinet meeting in Barcelona

Update: deportation of Otis Bolamu halted after determined campaign

Swansea asylum-seeker fears for his life if the British authorities send him back to the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Scottish further education lecturers plan strikes in January

In a ballot EIS union members voted 90 percent yes to strikes, and are set for escalating action

National Archives release protects state secrets - and shows up the ruling class

National Archives records released this week saw most state secrets remain secret. Fewer important documents are released every year.

Supporters demand suspended health worker Karen Reissmann is reinstated

The Reinstate Karen Reissmann campaign is gearing up for a public meeting in Manchester on Saturday, 19 January.

Ten more colleges could join walkouts over pay

Workers across 26 colleges in England last month voted by 89 percent for strikes over pay. The overall turnout was 48 percent.

School workers walk out at The Barclay School over academy plan

NEU union members at The Barclay School in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, struck on Wednesday 12 December.

Universal Credit claimants forced to beg online to get by

Hundreds of people have been forced to beg for money online because of the Tories’ hated Universal Credit (UC) benefit.

Hillsborough trials set to begin at last

The trials of two men charged in relation to the 1989 Hillsborough football disaster are set to start on 14 January.

Threat of walkout delivers win for victimised postal worker

Postal workers in Bristol have won justice for a sacked colleague

Reports round-up - workers at Royal Palaces fight over pension cuts

Workers at three Historic Royal Palaces—the Tower of London, Kensington Palace and Hampton Court Palace—struck for three hours last month


What’s behind the militant protests rocking Hungary’s right wing government?

Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Budapest against the right wing Hungarian government’s draconian new labour law.

Yellow Vests protests continue in France as President Macron faces a growing crisis

The holiday season hasn’t ended the Yellow Vest revolt in France.

Mass protests in Sudan rock Omar al-Bashir’s regime

Mass protests in the north African country of Sudan over the price of basic goods have been met by vicious repression. But they have continued and threaten President Omar al-Bashir, who has ruled since a military coup in 1989.

Attack on migrants in US forces workers to go unpaid

US president Donald Trump is so determined to push forward his racist assault on migrants that he is prepared to stop government workers’ pay.


Turkey gains from isolationist Donald Trump

Just before Christmas Donald Trump took an important step towards controlling his own administration. By announcing the withdrawal of US troops in Syria he provoked the resignation of his defence secretary Jim Mattis.


Brazil’s darkest days - the horrors of military dictatorship

Brazil’s new president Jair Bolsonaro will be inaugurated on 1 January. He associates himself with the military dictatorship that ruled between 1964 and 1985, a regime of death squads and torture.

The winter of discontent showed workers’ power

Forty years ago a Labour Party government was close to declaring a state of emergency due to militant strikes

1919—Britain in revolt

One hundred years ago protests and strikes shook the state


Honest and all-too-possible story of abusive relationship

An Impossible Love is a challenging and believable portrayal of a woman’s life torn apart in slow motion by an abusive partner, writes?Sadie Robinson

The 12th Man - a tale of defiance with a touch too much nationalism

The 12th Man is a tale of violence and pain against a picturesque backdrop.

What We Think

Turn the tide on Tories and racists in 2019

These are urgent times. Political and economic crises are accelerating, and racists and fascists are seeking to grow amid the chaos.

We can win on Palestine

It is possible to stand up for the right to criticise Israel—as a victory for a Palestine solidarity activist last month showed.

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Tamara Kalom 1939-2018

Many customers of Bookmarks Bookshop will be sorry to hear of the death of Tamara Kalom (Tami) on Christmas Eve. Tami was born in 1939 in Palestine, to German Jewish parents fleeing Nazi Germany.

LETTERS - Fighting back has helped to recover from hate crimes

During February 2018 I came out as trans-female. Since the age of five, in 1967, I knew that I was female.

The things they say

‘A glass of wine and some crisps’

The Troublemaker - one fifth of big companies paid no tax on their profits

One in five of Britain’s biggest listed companies paid not a penny of tax on their profits last year.

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