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Issue: 2637

Dated: 15 Jan 2019

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Making sense of Labour

Thousands have joined Labour hoping it can transform society. A new edition of The Labour Party—a Marxist History says the nature of the party shapes how it acts. Authors Donny Gluckstein and Charlie Kimber explain how their book can help activists in the struggle for change

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Racist Ukip leader Batten’s ego battered by protest in Wigan

Anti-racists humiliated racist Ukip leader Gerard Batten in Wigan on Tuesday night.

Jeremy Corbyn goes on the offensive and calls for a general election

Jeremy Corbyn has made a fresh demand for a general election, in a speech today that sought to unite Leave and Remain voters against Theresa May’s austerity and racism.

Amber Rudd in hot water after humiliating Universal Credit legal defeat

Four women workers won a high court challenge to the Tories’ Universal Credit (UC) scheme on Friday.

Will no-deal Brexit mean chaos on the Kent coast?

Politicians, bosses and the press are panicking about the prospect of a no-deal Brexit. It’s driven by fears that leaving the European Union (EU) will hit firms’ profits.

Plugging a brewing revolt

100 years ago the sale of alcohol was banned in the US. It’s a story of profit-thirsty booze barons, ruling class paranoia and fermenting anger among workers, writes Alistair Farrow

Thousands protest in London to demand a general election

Thousands of people marched through central London on Saturday demanding a general election, an end to the Tory government and an end to austerity.

Protesters across the US defy Trump’s federal shutdown blackmail

Protesters across the US defied president Donald Trump’s attempt to force politicians to push through £5 billion in funding for his infamous border wall.

Revolt in Zimbabwe against austerity and dictatorship

Workers and the poor are staying away from work, demonstrating and fighting the police

Striking home care workers take to the streets in Birmingham

Striking homecare workers in Birmingham are taking their fight against the Labour-run council to the city’s residents.

EIS union members plan college strike in Scotland over pay

Further education lecturers across Scotland were set to strike on Wednesday this week over pay.

Hundreds join Grenfell Silent Walk as safety work on blocks slows down

Survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire and their supporters took part in the first monthly Silent Walk of 2019 on Monday evening.

Meadow Foods strikers say, ‘We want more than crumbs’

Workers at Meadow Foods are fighting over pay.

Students organise to kick the racists off campuses

Students and lecturers at three universities are organising to drive racism and bigotry off their campuses.

Education round-up - teachers vote on pay fight

An indicative ballot of NEU union members for action over pay and school funding was due to end on Friday this week

Racist Kent landlord to evict hundreds

Notorious racist landlord Fergus Wilson is throwing hundreds of people onto the street.

Reports round-up - rage at arms bosses’ feast

Every year the arms trade holds a fancy dinner at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London

New strikes added to bus timetable in north east

Hundreds of bus drivers in north east England are preparing to stage another blistering strike against poverty pay.

PCS union activists across Britain to meet for briefings on smashing low pay

Civil service workers were set to gather this week for a series of rallies and briefings on their PCS union’s campaign against low pay.

Meeting will demand Karen Reissmann is reinstated

Supporters of the Reinstate Karen Reissmann campaign were set to hold a public meeting in Manchester this Saturday.

Brexit crisis should be shaped by action on the streets

The Tories are in crisis and they have no easy way out

Our fight is still going to keep Otis here in Britain

One of the highlights of last Saturday’s People’s Assembly demonstration was to hear our friend Otis Bolamu address the rally


Yellow Vests defy French state and stay on the streets

Repression is failing to stem the movement in France—and the protests are once again growing bigger, writes Charlie Kimber

Teachers’ strike puts pressure on Syriza and the Greek state

A confidence vote in the Greek government shows the scale of Syriza’s crisis, says Nick Clark

Strikes and protests in India pressure Modi’s BJP before the general election

Up to 200 million workers in India joined a two-day general strike last week.


Big food business sells veganism to mask its crimes

From October, when Christmas apparently begins, capitalists spend a fortune creating a bubble of unreality—worries can wait, cheese and Baileys have no calories.

Struggle can break paralysis on Brexit

A thin ray of light shone through the Brexit tangle last week. Two government defeats in the House of Commons marked the moment when Theresa May definitively lost control of the parliamentary process governing Britain’s departure from the European Union (EU).



Stan and Ollie delivers dash of slapstick and tenderness

A strong cast of actors fill the shoes of Laurel, Hardy and the people around them in John S Baird’s account of the duo’s twilight years, writes?Pat Carmody

Reviews round-up—True Detective, Toro y Moi album and more

The latest series of HBO’s True Detective rests on a strong performance by Mahershala Ali.

What We Think

US school strikes are the best way to fight Trump

The arrogant, racist bigot US president Donald Trump can seem immune to opposition.

The Carillion collapse and capital

Carillion, a former giant firm in construction, outsourcing and privatisation, went bust one year ago. It was one of the go-to firms to get rid of public services, first with New Labour and now with the Tories.

Other Categories

Letters: We shouldn’t pay—fight for right of EU migrants to stay

We have a Tory government that takes any opportunity to make racist policies.

The Troublemaker—Tory MP declares interest in Africa some 11 months late

Tory MP Sir Henry Bellingham, a former Africa minister, is paid £30,000 a year to chair Clifton Africa.

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