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Issue: 2638

Dated: 22 Jan 2019

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May playing for time as Brexit rifts get deeper

The pressure is on Theresa May after a record defeat for her Brexit deal, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

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Hillsborough - trials of David Duckenfield and Graham Mackrell begin in Preston

A jury has been sworn in to hear the trial of David Duckenfield and Graham Mackrell, who face charges relating to the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.

Theresa May’s deal defeated in record vote - now fight to get rid of the Tories

The shattering defeat for Theresa May’s Brexit deal on Tuesday has to mean the end for her as prime minister and lead to an immediate general election.

Theresa May survives confidence vote, but her Brexit crisis continues

Theresa May’s government survived a no confidence motion on Wednesday night by the votes of 325 MPs to 306.

Determined Scottish lecturers strike over pay

Thousands of college lecturers struck across Scotland on Wednesday in a battle over pay. 

Duckenfield’s ‘gross failure’ was substantial cause of Hillsborough deaths, court hears

The failings of David Duckenfield in relation to the 1989 Hillsborough football disaster represented a “gross failure,” a court has heard.

Unions declare victory in Glasgow equal pay fight

Trade unions are claiming victory in the equal pay fight negotiations at Glasgow City Council.

Police said they would divert fans from full pens at Hillsborough, court hears

Police told a safety group that they would divert fans away from pens at the Hillsborough football ground if they became full, a court has heard.

London councils are losing millions from Tory Right to Buy

London councils are paying over £22 million a year to rent back homes they were forced to sell under the Tories’ Right to Buy scheme.

Bad reaction—the hazard of saving nuclear

The future of nuclear energy is Britain is under intense discussion after two proposed nuclear ­reactors were scrapped.

Racist EU leaders are to blame for refugee deaths

Around 170 refugees have drowned after two boats were shipwrecked in the Mediterranean Sea last week.

Sean Rigg cops’ hearing begins

An internal police misconduct hearing of charges against five people who were cops at the time of Sean Rigg’s death began on Monday of this week.

College strikes—‘The money is there for education’

UCU union members at 16 colleges were set to strike on Tuesday of next week. The walkout is the second wave of action in a battle over pay.

Campaign growing for Karen Reissmann

Trade unionists and socialists rallied in support of victimised health worker Karen Reissmann

Education round-up - action after teachers’ vote?

NEU union members have overwhelmingly voted to support strikes over pay and school funding

Reports round-up - Northern train guards strike for 45th time

RMT transport union members on Northern rail staged a 24-hour walkout

Traffic wardens’ strikes can put the clamp on bosses

Traffic wardens in north London are gearing up for another round of strikes for higher pay

Whitehall workers walk out for living wage

Outsourced workers at the Ministry of Justice and the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy walked out on Tuesday

Home care workers put pressure on councillors in Birmingham

Birmingham home carers are striking back against a Labour council that refuses to back off from attacks on workers.


Zimbabwe eyewitness - ‘The government has declared war on its citizens’

Workers and the poor rose up against the government, and they face bitter repression

Donald Trump in shutdown war as striking teachers fight back

US president Donald Trump is looking increasingly desperate over his government shutdown.

International round-up—climate strikes, Bolsonaro corruption and Sudan revolt

More than 10,000 Belgian school students struck last week to demand urgent action on climate change.


The first Dail—when Ireland defied Westminster

The story of the first Dail shows it’s possible to break the rule of Westminster, writes Simon Basketter

Jeremy Corbyn can break the impasse over Brexit if he backs free movement

After the crushing House of Commons defeat for her deal with the European Union (EU), Theresa May has been going through the motions of talking to opposition parties.


Ten weeks that shook France

The Yellow Vest movement in France shows no sign of fading away after ten weeks of protests, blockades and battles with police. Charlie Kimber looks at what the movement shows about struggle—and asks how it can win

The return of ‘scientific’ racism

Far right biological determinism is creeping back on to campuses. Alistair Farrow looks at its horrible history and why we need to resist the pseudoscience of race


Vice—painting a picture of the power behind Bush’s throne

A new film by director of The Big Short, lifts the curtain on the ‘special relationship’ at the heart of George W Bush’s War on Terror

Sharon Van Etten ditches melancholia for more upbeat sound

Sharon Van Etten is back with a new album, Remind Me Tomorrow

Remastered: Massacre at the Stadium

Victor Jara was assassinated in 1973 by an agent of General Augusto Pinochet’s regime in Chile

What We Think

Textile workers in Bangladesh don’t wannabe exploited

The Spice Girls have come under fire this week for commissioning T-shirts that are made by women earning just 35p an hour.

Media bias is business as usual

Diane Abbott’s disgraceful treatment on the BBC’s Question Time programme shone a light on media bias.

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LETTERS - Can we bridge left-right gap to fight the establishment?

Is there any thought of having an anti-austerity hi-vis protest here in Britain? I am fed up of this government and I feel it’s really needed.

The Troublemaker—Richest 26 people have the same wealth as poorest half of the world

The combined fortunes of the world’s billionaires rose by £2 billion a day last year, while 3.4 billion people were forced to survive on less than £4.27 a day each.

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