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Children are starving as Tory millionaires cut welfare

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Issue 2374

A recent poll by the Daily Mirror has shown that children are going to school hungry every morning.

It said that 85 percent of teachers have seen an increase in children arriving at school without having eaten breakfast over the last two years. This just goes to show the huge pressure parents are placed under due to Tory austerity.

Clearly a significant number of parents simply couldn’t afford to give their children a decent breakfast in the mornings.

A volunteer at my daughter’s play group told me she referred a family to the local food bank. She told them to go when she saw that a five year old boy had a single piece of bread in his school lunchbox.  

And families who are entitled to free school meals start to dread the summer holidays. This is because they don’t know how they’ll cope without the guarantee of at least one hot meal a day for their children.

Yet school bosses are also introducing rules which put parents under pressure.

At my son’s school last winter the school newsletter repeatedly put out demands to parents. One of these was that their children must turn up to school wearing a warm winter coat, so they could be allowed out to play. 

It’s obvious that parents would want their child to wear a warm coat in winter. School management doesn’t need to constantly harass parents struggling to get by who may not be able to afford a new winter coat straight away. 

Tory education minister Michael Gove and Iain Duncan Smith try to blame child poverty on “chaotic” or “troubled” families.  

Whatever chaos or troubles these families experience they start with lack of money. And the Tory millionaires’ latest assaults on the right to welfare will only push these families further into destitution.

The Tory party conference told working class parents around the country that the Tories plan to make things even worse. We must get together to stop them.

Helen Salmon


We must show racism in sport the red card

Recently football punditry has been dominated by the idea that the failure of England to win trophies lies with too many foreign players in the Premier League. 

The idea goes that the obscene money that has been pumped into the game means clubs can afford great players from all over the word. 

And that the influx of these players means that the young British player doesn’t get enough game time to develop.

This is just blatant racism. Parts of the sporting world united against racism last year, whether during the John Terry or Luis Suarez sagas, or against the fascism in Ukraine during the Euros. 

The question of racism pervades all aspects of society. We need to stand up to it.

Tom Kay


Post selloff is down to Lib Dems

The giving away of Royal Mail is the biggest rip-off of the public sector so far this century. 

The business has been deliberately undervalued in what is a staggering act of pillage. 

Big business is going to make a massive overnight killing, courtesy of Vince Cable. And this is even before attacks on wages and services begin.

This criminal privatisation of the post has Liberal Democrat written all over it. Yet we must remember that there are Labour Party politicians who are eager for a coalition with the “Yellow Tories”.

We have to hold these politicians to account.

John Newsinger


Stop the loan sharks

life under the Tory-led coalition means that millions of people have seen their basic living costs spiral, yet their income remains frozen. 

The main beneficiaries have been pay day loan companies who push people further into debt and despair by charging huge levels of interest. 

In Bolton a successful local campaign persuaded a football team, Bolton Wanderers, to drop a pay day company as its shirt sponsor. 

Campaigns like this show what can be achieved through people working together. Sign the e-petition at

Martin Challender


All workers have power

As a member of Unite, I have been working with others to build a union to protect service industry workers for two years. 

Poor working conditions, zero hours contracts, long shifts with no break, sexual harassment and unfair dismissal are the norm.

Service industry workers are hired to form a functional unit, the power they hold is greatly underestimated.

I find it ridiculous when people say service industry workers have no power to change things. All workers have great power. 

By banding together and saying no to wrongdoings in their workplace they can win easily. 

Name witheld


Daily Mail’s hypocrisy

The Daily Mail attack on the Marxist academic Ralph Miliband was a nasty character assassination.

Ralph was a Jew who fled Nazi Germany. It is also well known the Mail supported Mosley’s Nazi ‘Blackshirts’ in the 1930s.

And just as Jews were suffering appalling anti-Semitism, Daily Mail boss Lord Rothermere was dining with the upper echelons of the Nazi regime. 

Gary Lewis


Are we all in it together?

David cameron says he wants the same society of privilege for everyone.

The time will finally come when he, Iain Duncan Smith, George Osborne and the rest of their cronies are finally booted out of office.

Surely then it’s only fair that they too share the privilege of doing community work for £2 an hour.

After all, we’re all in it together.

Kevin Allen

South London

Back to the workhouses

Thank the gods that George Osborne has elevated the austerity of Britain to an art form with his latest workhouse rules for the unemployed!

 It is simply genius to have a workhouse without the need for an actual workhouse or indeed any house at all for the impoverished population. 

John McDoug

by email 

Demo figures are correct 

I have objections to the letter that claims that the figures for the Scottish Independence demo on 21 September were not above 10,000. (Letters, 5 October)

I was also at the rally. By their nature, the size of protests are often difficult to estimate. 

However I would say the rally organisers’ estimate of 20-30,000 marchers was nearer the mark. 

Duncan Brown

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