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LETTERS—Home Office racism did not stop with Windrush scandal

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Issue 2631
Chimezie, Robert and their daughter Chib
Chimezie, Robert and their daughter Chib (Pic: ncjMedia)

In the wake of the Windrush scandal the Home Office continue to threaten Commonwealth citizens with deportation.

Chimezie Emeronye is a Nigerian woman who came to Britain on a visa to study health psychology at university.

While here she met a young Czech, Pavel Gabko, with whom she had a relationship and they tried to get married.

But the Home Office claimed she had intended to take part in a “sham” marriage ceremony based on evidence provided by vicars who said they “did not speak the same language”.

Pavel had claimed he did not speak English. Chimezie said this was untrue and she wasn’t allowed to produce witnesses who could disprove this.

As a result, she was convicted and sent to Lower Newton prison then later to the infamous Yarls Wood immigration detention centre.

Since this, Chimezie met and married Robert, a British citizen from Sunderland.

They have two children, one already at school, and will soon celebrate seven years of marriage.

But the Home Office is still trying to deport her.

The Home Office has issued 16 flight tickets to Nigeria, and the family have spent thousands trying to stop the deportation. And a string of government mistakes are making this even harder.

The Home Office had incorrectly identified her as a single woman even though they have a marriage certificate proving otherwise.

Nick Brown MP pointed out these inconsistencies. He was told the Home Office’s objections to her residence were “procedurally correct”, yet they have never even attempted to disprove the validity of their marriage.

Her family threatens to be ripped apart by racist Tory policies and a heartless Home Office that is determined to defend immigration law at all costs.

Jim Hutchinson


Anti-racist protest was a success

The demonstration last Saturday was a fantastic success, in composition as well as size.

It encompassed the struggle against fascism as well as against racism, an achievement for the organisers. Racism and fascism feed off each other.

It also included an array of prominent union leaders. The role of socialists in the event was clear to all. This is what a successful united front looks like and we surely need more of them.

I spoke to two of the “extinction rebels” as they left their successful blockade of the five London bridges. They were very interested in the anti-racist demonstration. Socialists need “movementists” as much as vice versa.

Dermot Smyth


Link up the struggles

It was great to see London filled with demonstrations last weekend against two of the most toxic features of capitalism—racism and environmental destruction.

Trade unions should have a bigger presence on climate change demonstrations.

We should link up the demonstrations in the future. We are all fighting for a better world and against its cruelty whether fascism, racism or the destruction of our planet

Heather Booker


Why protest at Bannon?

Why bother only protesting against this Steve Bannon fellow?

Most English people have been racist anyway since the empire days and little has changed.

So why only bother with Bannon and not several of the Tory MPs?

Ed Ray

On Twitter

Republican sleaze peddler

Good to see that the Evangelical Christian followers of Trump take their moral standards so seriously.

The party in Nevada gave 100 percent support to self-styled Republican pimp,72 year old strip club boss Dennis Hof.

Their votes enabled him to win an election to Nevada’s 36th assembly district over his Democrat Party rival, a woman teacher.

Unfortunately for them, he died at one of his “love ranches” a month before the election!

It’s not surprising that the number of women Republican reps is in serious decline.

John Murphy


BBC backs up racism

To stop racism you need to promote equal opportunities in the work place.

For example, look at the BBC. The workforce there is not representative of ethnic minorities.

Andres Viveros

On Facebook

Don’t goggle at Google strike

John shemeld is wrong to argue the Google strikes show that “you do not need formal organisation to take action”

(Socialist Worker,14 November).

Workers at Google should be congratulated for standing up to their sexist bosses.

But it would be a mistake to look to this strike as a model. “Formal organisations”, trade unions, have millions of members. Socialists must organise within them.

Sam Lorde


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