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LETTERS—Right wing slurs won’t get rid of abuse from a sick society

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Issue 2616
The Times falsely blamed threats against Sarah Champion on the left
The Times falsely blamed threats against Sarah Champion on the left (Pic: Chris McAndrew/Creative Commons)

As the antisemitism smears against Jeremy Corbyn intensify, the racist right in the media continue to attack those fighting Islamophobia.

The Times newspaper ran an article implying that anti-racists and the left were responsible for death threats against Rotherham MP Sarah Champion after she racialised child sex exploitation last year.

The Murdoch-owned Times is no stranger to inciting racial hatred—it was recently exposed for running a fake story about a Muslim foster family.

The article concerning Champion was full of lies and smears. It was an attempt to silence anti-racist organisations such as Just Yorkshire. It followed a report by the racial justice group showing a rise in racism after the MP’s statements in The Sun newspaper.

There was no mention in The Times article of the racist murder of Mushin Ahmed. He was stamped to death and called a “groomer” by racists after 14 Nazi marches in Rotherham in 14 months.

That’s the murderous price paid when you give an inch to racists and fascists.

Sexual abuse and sexist attitudes aren’t the preserve of Asian men. They are at the heart of society. That’s why police fail victims.

Abuse goes right to the top. Yet right wingers paint abuse as purely a problem involving Asian men.

White people are not called upon to root out abuse or explain why they are particularly sexist.

Fascists like Tommy Robinson cynically exploit cases involving Asian perpetrators to encourage racism.

Sexual abuse is a horrendous crime. But its roots aren’t in Asian “culture”.

Challenging the Islamophobia coming from the top is key to fighting racism and building mass mobilisations to stop the threat from the fascists.

Phil Turner

Rotherham Stand Up To Racism

Abrar Javid

Rotherham 12 defendant

Racism at university

The University of Wolverhampton has launched a racist marketing campaign that depicts a white student standing in front of a large group of black school children.

The advert promises the university will allow you to “explore new worlds”.

It’s just part of the institutional racism at the university.

Just a few months ago Ukip MEP Bill Etheridge was invited on to campus to debate a commemorative plaque for racist Tory Enoch Powell.

All this has emboldened the racists that have threatened SWSS members and picketed our political meetings.

We saw Nazi National Action posters on our campus, but the university and students’ union turned a blind eye.

Enough is enough, we must build the fight against racism.

Sam Ord

Wolverhampton SWSS

Don’t give in Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn should not have apologised for attending an event with Holocaust survivor and humanitarian Hajo Meyer.

It’s a betrayal of the Palestinian cause he once vocally championed.

This compromising has become an impediment to the Palestinian struggle.

By refusing to push back he has helped close the space for virtually any open debate on the nature of Israel.

Steven Garside

Address provided

Muslims in Assam are under threat from right

Four million Muslims in the Indian State of Assam are to become stateless because they cannot provide adequate documents to prove their Indian citizenship.

In South Asia the poor, who are often illiterate, have always struggled with providing documents.

The racist attacks they face are based on the charge that they are illegal migrants from Bangladesh.

Some of them may be, and so what? The poor of South Asia have always had to cross the artificial borders erected after 1947 for their livelihood and survival.

The far right BJP, led by Narendra Modi, has ruled India since 2014 and has a long history of rousing communal hatred to advance its own interests. New horrors await the people of South Asia if the BJP and all fundamentalists are not stopped.



Racism is systematic

The Washington Post newspaper released in June the results of its investigation into homicides in 55 US cities over the past decade.

It found that half of the 55,000 homicides did not result in an arrest.

In these, around three quarters of the victims were black. If you are killed in the US your death is vastly more likely to go uninvestigated by cops.

It’s yet one more example of what is meant by institutional, systematic racism. It runs through every part of the state, from the courts and parliament to the police.

Jill Barclay

South London

Nazi moron zombie film

The Nazis are morons, an army of morons. Like a bloody zombie film.

Peter Angell

On Facebook

Fires result of EU austerity

The fires in Greece (Socialist Worker 31 July 2018) are the price of the greedy bankers from the EU crippling Greece’s economy.

The sooner they leave the better. Feck the banks and their shareholders!

Paddy Hanrahan

On Facebook

Right’s racist hypocrisy

I was surprised in hear right wing Labour MP Ian Austin claim to be central to the campaign to kicking the BNP out of Dudley.

In 2014, he said Labour should “be honest” and “say sorry” for opening Britain’s borders to some residents of eastern Europe.

And again, in 2015 he said Labour needed to take “action” on immigration, or “reasonable people with legitimate concerns turn to Ukip or, in the past, the BNP.”

His ideas embolden the far right, including the Nazi BNP, not fight them. Austin is a racist, plain and simple.

Janet Dyer

East London

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