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LETTERS: Shame on Radiohead for breaking the boycott of Israel

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Issue 2560
Radiohead performing at Glastonbury festival last week
Radiohead performing at Glastonbury festival last week (Pic: Flickr/Paul Carless)

Radiohead singer Thom Yorke has refused to observe the cultural boycott of Israel and will play a gig in Tel Aviv in July.

An open letter signed by Ken Loach, Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and dozens of others called on the band to cancel their gig.

‘The Daily Mail won’t stop me protesting over Grenfell blaze’
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It is hugely disappointing that such a high profile band refuses to acknowledge the wishes of the Palestinian people, who initiated the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign.

Israel wants Western bands and DJs to play Tel Aviv, to present the city as hedonistic, liberal and progressive.

This allows it to drown out the suffering of the Palestinians, most of whom will not be able to attend the gig.

Yorke’s band will make itself complicit in the crimes carried out by the Israeli state. It still has time to reconsider.

Joe Redmond, Cardiff

It was wrong for Unite to sack Gerard Coyne

Gerard Coyne, who lost the Unite union general secretary election, complained about Unite officials’ involvement in the campaign that led to Len McCluskey’s re-election.

The legal challenge, submitted the week before the general election, was timed to damage Jeremy Corbyn’s chances.

But despite Coyne’s disgraceful behaviour I think Unite’s decision to sack him is poorly judged.

Coyne came within just over 5,000 votes of becoming general secretary. The sacking plays into his hands.

We need to marginalise the politics that Coyne represents.

The best way to do that is for Unite’s leadership to organise the strikes and protests that can finish the Tories off. And it should give 100 percent support to Corbyn.

Pat Carmody, Unite member, Oxford

Organise for justice after the Grenfell fire

The residents, families and friends of Grenfell have launched an uprising against the murderous housing conditions and contempt for working class people.

Residents’ committees should organise immediate rent strikes in all tower blocks until they are satisfied that they are safe.

Organised resistance will inspire others to tackle the massive housing crisis brought about by the banks, landlords and the Tory government.

Ron Senchak, Manchester

Tory apologists for corporate murder are thankfully a despised minority.

This terrible event will hopefully finish off Theresa May and confine her to the dustbin of history.

Yunus Bakhsh, on Facebook

Imagine I ran a guest house which received a poor assessment for concerns about fire safety, and I suppressed or failed to act on that assessment.

I would be legitimately culpable for any injuries my guests suffered as the direct consequence of that negligence.

Why is our government less liable than we are?

David Smith, on Facebook

The Grenfell Tower tragedy has one source—the Tory council.

It has always neglected working class north Kensington in comparison with south Kensington.

Tory values subordinate humanity to the grim figures in an account book.

Zekria Ibrahimi, West London

Don’t use fear to attack poor

LBC radio posed the disgusting question, “Should we cut foreign aid to keep bobbies on the beat?”

Cunning beyond belief. Bombard people with fear of atrocities then offer security only in return for denying aid to the poor.

Alice Wickham, Teddington

Well done to post workers

Where I used to work, the managers used to jump in and help clear a backlog (Post workers deliver wildcat strikes, 21 June).

What happened to the spirit of cooperation and keeping up workers’ morale?

Louise McDonald, on Facebook

Well done for standing up to them. More of us need to do the same!

Frank Mulholland, on Facebook

Magic money tree for HS2

HS2 made it into the queen’s speech.

Despite claims that there is no “magic money tree”, there clearly is one for HS2.

We must hope it does not stand in one of the dozens of ancient woodlands due to be decimated by HS2.

HS2 will only benefit the richest who can afford to use it—and the corporations who will rake in billions for building it.

Joe Rukin, Campaign manager, Stop HS2

Push for profit puts us at risk

Profit before safety (Neoliberalism could be on its way out, 21 June).

That’s why Southern Rail, Northern and Merseyrail are in dispute with the RMT.

They want to make more profit by removing train guards, who are a vital safety critical role.

Jon Long, on Facebook

I never saw “people before profit” as a slogan. I saw it as good sense.

Profit’s not a lot of use, nor achieved, without people.

Rachael Williams, on Facebook

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