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Letters – socialists should side with neither Farage or Bercow

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Issue 2647
Two right wingers on either side of Brexit divide
Two right wingers on either side of Brexit divide

A small Brexit march, organised by the Leave Means Leave pressure group, and temporarily led by Nigel Farage, set off from Sunderland last week. It’s on a 270 mile march to London.

The organisers are touting it as similar to the Jarrow March of the 1930s.

This saw hundreds of unemployed miners and shipyard workers march to London to protest against unemployment.

And it was led by socialists and not by a bigoted ex-public school stockbroker.

I voted to leave because the European Union (EU) is a brutal capitalist institution which has imposed austerity on the people of Europe. I would not touch the Leave Means Leave march with a bargepole. The north east of England has a proud tradition of fighting racism and bigotry and so I find the fact that Farage and his cronies have used this region to begin his march insulting.

The left needs to get its act together and campaign for a socialist future outside of the EU.

Sue Gilmore

County Durham

People who want to reverse the vote to leave the racist, neoliberal EU are looking to vile characters such as Commons speaker John Bercow to undemocratically overturn the vote.

Bercow said he would refuse to give MPs another vote on May’s Brexit deal unless they were asked a different question. Bercow is a nasty right winger. A recording emerged recently of him saying that women who complain about sexism are “inadequate”.

Multiple allegations of bullying have been made against him.

He was also a member of the notorious Monday Club—now too right wing to be officially affiliated with the Tory party—which has had Nazis in its membership.

People who are holding him up as a shining example because he has dealt a blow against Brexit should take a closer look and think who they are allying themselves with.

Janet Simm


An avoidable NHS cervical smear crisis

As both an NHS worker and a recipient of

intervention after a positive smear test, I am angry to read about the debacle unfolding in the health service.

At the end of last year the British Medical Association reported that 48,000 women missed out on information about their cervical screening because of a “system error”.

This was down to problems in the contract outsourced to Capita.

And now I read that the cervical screening service is facing “meltdown”.

A recent publicity campaign by Public Health England was designed to increase awareness of the need for smear testing.

This drive coincided with planned laboratory closures due to a “restructuring process”.

It resulted in women waiting months for their results when previously they had received them in 14 days.

Privatisation in the NHS means those who cannot afford private health care face a second class service.

In Colchester we have called an anti-austerity demonstration through our local Peoples Assembly group.

It is around the slogan Britain is Broken—the cuts to the NHS is a central focus. It is crises like this that the Tories’ Brexit mess is distracting from. We must keep fighting for the NHS and other essential services.

Jane Newman


Fight against the social care crisis in Britain

There is a crisis within social care, and it will make the chaos in the health service even worse than it already is.

We all know that there are major problems in social care across Britain.

Low pay in the care industry is having a massive impact on the quality of care.

Families Lobbying & Advising Sheffield (Flash) is a group of family carers of relatives with learning disabilities or autism in Sheffield.

We are campaigning for better pay for care workers.

Action is needed to minimise the social care crisis.

Please support our petition to pay all employed carers the living wage.

Chris Sterry


Sign the petition at

No royal child will die in a refugee camp

The British tabloids fawn and grovel over any royal pregnancy.

They salute the pampered children of the House of Windsor in the cruel billionaire’s den that is Buckingham Palace.

The same British tabloids loathed the refugee baby of the so-called “Jihadi bride” Shamima Begum.

Shamima had dared to question and to criticise the violence of British imperialism.

The refugee camp in Syria she was forced to live in was not like Windsor Castle.

Shamima and her baby were denied vital medical treatment by this brutal Tory Government.

The baby died. Now the mother is being ignored by uncaring British state.

This young woman’s tragic plight indicates how we should look to Karl Marx—he explained why the rich would always hate the poor.

Zekria Ibrahimi

Via email

Understanding Italian fascism

Your recent article on Mussolini (Socialist Worker 20 March) didn’t have enough room to make some important points.

For instance, it could have mentioned the weakness of the capitalist class in Italy.

The state itself, as a united entity, was also relatively new in 1919.

It was a new nation—a united Italy under king Victor Emmanuel had only been formed in the 1860s.

The Italian ruling class knew the new nation carried within it a political decay unless it allowed in the entrepreneurs of the middle classes.

Floyd Codlin

South London

Interserving up destitution

I read your article on the collapse of Interserve (Socialist Worker, 20 March). So much for Tory ideology. No doubt the directors will come out of it alright.

Alan Kingston

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Nazis look to New Zealand

Your article on the Christchurch murders in New Zealand was great (Socialist Worker, 15 March). Fascism has spread in Australia since Fraser Anning’s “Final Solution” speech in the senate.

It is atrocious, murderous poison.

I think you should remove the monster’s face from the article, and more people might be keen to share it. This fascist wants his face to be reproduced. My feeling is that it’s best not to give him that privilege.

Giles Watson

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  • The bloody racist Daily Fail newspaper published a copy of the murderer’s “manifesto” on its web page.

Babs Nash

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  • The bile pouring out of British and US far right social media pages in response to Christchurch is disgusting.

Freedom of speech is being abused as freedom to hate and persecute.

Robert Venus

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