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Letters—we’ve become fed up with the right in the Labour Party

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Issue 2712
Labour Party members are getting sick of Keir Starmer
Labour Party members are getting sick of Keir Starmer (Pic: Rwendland on Wikimedia)

This is my resignation email to the Labour Party.

“I’m sickened by the decision to sack Rebecca Long-Bailey from the shadow cabinet.

“I come from a Jewish background and occasionally experienced antisemitism at school. I’ve never experienced or witnessed anything antisemitic whilst in the Labour Party.

“It is my view that there has been a campaign to break and demoralise the left in the Labour Party. It has been going on since Corbyn was elected leader in 2015 and is continuing under Keir Starmer.

“This campaign along with the efforts of some full-time staff to undermine Corbyn and the membership resulted in the continuation of the Tory government.

“Keir Starmer was very quick to sack Long-Bailey on the false grounds of antisemitism. Yet he won’t even call for the sacking of Dominic Cummings or Robert Jenrick.

I’m not going to waste my time working for a Labour leadership that is Tory-lite in its politics. Couldn’t remain in the party any longer—should have resigned back in December!!”

Nicholas Rose, Taunton

I joined the Labour Party shortly after Jeremy Corbyn got elected as leader for the first time.

I am somebody who believes in radical progressive reforms.

Especially in an area like Stoke-on-Trent which had seen massive inequality, the loss of industries, underfunding and an urban population with one third living on benefits.

Nevertheless I did not get involved in the local party until we saw Tristram Hunt resign as MP.

I found the fact that this man had been parachuted in to the local area above objections from virtually everybody very uncomfortable.

Yet the local Constituency Labour Party (CLP) pushed through Gareth Snell as a replacement—who worked directly for Hunt and was in lockstep with every one of his policies.

Whenever anyone criticised his neoliberal agenda he would reply that he used to work in the unions and that made him a union man.

The implication was that therefore he was socialist. But immediately he began to pivot to the right of the party.

Entering into the 2019 general election I was the communications officer for the Labour Party at the local student union.

Therefore we attempted to cooperate with the local CLP.

We pointed out that 15,000 students live near the candidate’s ward.

But we never received any of the leaflets, help or basic information that we requested. Within a week we knew we had been abandoned by the local Labour Party group.

One week before the election the university held hustings for all the major candidates. 

Snell came across as arrogant and said the best post-war prime minister was Tony Blair followed closely by Margaret Thatcher.

At the election he lost by less than 700 and blamed it all on the party leadership.

Daniel Dann, Stoke-on-Trent

Solidarity with Roma

Two weeks ago the Roma Holocaust memorial in Queens Park, Glasgow, was vandalised.

A rose tree which had been planted by local Roma youth was snapped and destroyed.

This is the second time the memorial has been desecrated in recent months.

Many of the Roma community are low paid key workers and as such face a disproportionately greater risk of contracting the coronavirus.

Roma families are often housed in substandard and cramped accommodation which adds an additional layer of vulnerability.

Scotland has some of the worst Covid-19 death rates in Europe.

The right wing media have scapegoated migrants.

Last month an article in the Scottish Sun used an image of a Roma family funeral to insinuate that the community were breaking  the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

This stirred up racial tension and there have been reports that up to

50 percent of the community have left amid fears of racist attacks.

As socialists, we must stand with the Roma community who have made Glasgow their home.

Kirsty Turkington, Glasgow

Stirring in Stirling

A mass of people have twice gathered in a park below Stirling castle in the past month, united under the banner of Black Lives Matter.

Hundreds have gathered and listened to the powerful and inspiring speakers, who told of their experiences of racism.

This must be a turning point for the movement against racism.

Stirling has been just one of many locations across Scotland to stand against racism.

The fight is far from over.

But the courage of anti-racists has been a thunderous call to action for the people.

Brian Claffey, Stirling

Getting tested was a trial

I recently needed to get tested for Covid-19. The nearest government test place was in another London borough, and the set-up consists of two small gazebos.

There were no medical staff present and the only people working there were three soldiers.

No masks, gloves or hand sanitiser were available or handed out.

You have to put the test bud 2.5 centimetres up your nose. The soldier didn’t know that, even though he had to do it on himself.

He told me one man had to come back five times because the tests were inconclusive. I’m not surprised.

Truus Jansen, east London

Pfeffel waffles piffle weekly

The prime minister’s full name is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

What happens when you put a Pfeffel in charge? You get piffle.

The evidence comes every week.

Nigel Coward, west London

Amnesty is needed now

After the recent tragic events in Glasgow (Socialist Worker, 1 July) we need to say clearly that asylum seekers are humans. This group carries far more trauma than most people.

Glasgow MPs and the community have been calling for a return to the usual accommodation arrangements for them.

The Home Office has been refusing to allow this to happen for weeks.

Before lockdown the British immigration system was slow, inefficient, chaotic and unfair. Its time for an amnesty—give “Leave to Remain” to all who are seeking asylum now. Take this opportunity for an improved system for access to refugee status.

Sheila Arthur, Glasgow

Conservatives are crooks

Typical that the Tories protect Robert Jenrick.

Conservative is a synonym for corrupt in every country.

Phillip James Schaps, on Facebook

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