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Blair just doesn’t get it
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Blair just doesn’t get it

OUR PRIME minister urges us “not to argue about what has been”.

You just don’t get it, do you, Mr Blair?

We know “what could have been” for humanity, until you destroyed that for us and our children by hitching an insane ride on the back end of a penny-farthing ridden by George Bush, heading for destruction and death.

Richard W Symonds

Crawley, Sussex

Is revolution on the cards?

IF I can play “devil’s advocate” in order to provoke a debate, what is more likely in the long term—the reclaiming of the Labour Party or socialist revolution?

David Daw

Redhill, Surrey

Bangladesh strike victory

GARMENT WORKERS in over 300 factories in Narayanganj, Bangladesh, had a fantastic strike victory last week.

They won an eight-hour day, a doubling of pay for part time workers and a bonus for the Muslim festival of Eid. The employers signed a no-victimisation agreement and promised to pay the bonus before Eid.

Strikers were attacked by the bosses and police throughout the strike. The police shot one worker dead and injured hundreds more.

Following the victory, a “hartal” (general strike) was called by the Left Democratic Front, an alliance of 11 left organisations, in protest at the brutality of the police and factory owners.

Garment workers in Bangladesh are mainly female and are paid a very low wage. They make designer clothes for companies such as Nike.

Their determination and solidarity is an inspiration to workers across the world in the fight against injustice, globalisation and repression.

Maggie Falshaw

East London

Still sending workers to die

I HAVE noticed a lack of poppy wearers in work this year, as has my partner. There is also a lack of poppy wearers on the streets of Bristol.

Apart from TV presenters having to wear the “red flower of death” in memory of the Haig fund, there is a distinct lack of poppy wearers in public life. The idea of the First World War as the “war to end all wars” is a sick joke. Each year our rulers parade their fake sorrow only to send workers off to war the next year.

The queen did her bit to “remember” and will meet Bush a few weeks later. The best way to remember dead soldiers is to protest against war.

Richard Stephens


Changing times in Ireland

ALTHOUGH A regular reader of Socialist Worker, I seem to have missed past references to Ireland. But “In My View” (Socialist Worker, 8 November) jolted me awake!

My memories of Ireland are of a country of peace and friendliness. But it seems that I have been blind to the realities of life in Ireland.

These people deserve better than to be infected with the plague of big business. Perhaps it is time for the Irish to devote more time to revolutionary discussion.

Jas Shallcross


Hardship help for strikers

ISN’T IT time someone started a hardship fund for all these strikers? Or is this right wing government going to outlaw that as well, while giving strikers’ tax money to its prospective donors?


RMT member

Shrewsbury’s prize pickets

I RECENTLY presented three Robert Tressell Awards—or workers’ VCs, as I call them—to half of the Shrewsbury pickets who went to jail: Arthur Murray, Des Warren and Ricky Tomlinson.

Most of the 50 or so delegates were veterans of the 1970s Building Workers’ Charter campaign.

It was clear that even those who once had illusions were at the very end of their tether with what’s left of the Labour left.

Dave Harker


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