Marxism Festival 2022

Marxism 2022 is a festival of socialist ideas taking place from Friday 1 to Sunday 3 July in east London. It brings together debates, live music, a culture tent, film screenings and more. 


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Speakers joining us at Marxism this year

Jeremy Corbyn MP

The former Labour leader will be speaking on “My anti-war influences” in the Bookmarks culture tent. 


Rapper, musician and campaigner

Muzan Alneel

Sudanese revolutionary, writer and activist. 

Yanis Varoufakis

Author, economist and member of the Greek parliament

Hannah Lowe

Poet and author of The Kids, which won Costa book of the year 2021.

Gary Younge

The author and journalist will be speaking in the Bookmarks Culture tent

Janet Alder

Justice campaigner and Black Lives Matter activist. 

Tariq Ali

The veteran left-wing writer will be launching his new book, Churchill: His Times, His Crimes

Sukhdev Reel

Justice campaigner and author of Silence is Not an Option. 

Jeff Sparrow

Guardian Australia columnist and author of Crimes Against Nature—Capitalism and Global Heating.

Shahd Abusalama

Palestinian academic, artist and activist

John McDonnell

The Labour MP joins Sukhdev Reel in the Bookmarks tent launching her new book, 25 years on from the death of Ricky Reel

Christine Buchholz

Former member of the German parliament and anti-fascist activist with Marx21

Eamonn McCann

Journalist, author and civil rights campaigner

Morag Livingstone

Author of Charged: How the Police Try to Suppress Protest

Asad Rehman

Director of War on Want

Weyman Bennett

Co-convenor of Stand Up to Racism

Anne Alexander

Author of several books including Revolution Is the Choice of the People—Crisis and Revolt in the Middle East & North Africa. 

Laura Miles

Author of Transgender Resistance: Socialism and Transgender Resistance

Ilan Pappé

Historian and author of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

Naima Omar

Anti-racist activist and author of The Revolutionary Politics of Angela Davis

David Rosenberg

Author of Rebel Footprints will be doing a special radical walking tour of the East End

Richard Boyd Barrett

Socialist member of the Irish parliament for People Before Profit

Aamer Anwar

Campaigner and lawyer to Sheku Bayoh family

Jane Hardy

Author of Nothing to Lose But Our Chains: Work and Resistance in 21st Century Britain

Hossam El-Hamalawy

Egyptian revolutionary and journalist

Judith Orr

Author of Abortion Wars and Marxism & Women’s Liberation

Mike Davis

Historian and author of Monster at Our Door: The Global Threat of Avian Flu

Camilla Royle

UCU striker and author of A Rebel’s Guide to Engels

Chin Chukwudinma

Author of A Rebel’s Guide to Walter Rodney

Suzanne Jeffery

Chair of the Campaign Against Climate Change

Alex Callinicos

Marxist and author of forthcoming The New Age of Catastrophe


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Debates include

War, imperialism and resistance

We’ll be discussing how we can oppose imperialism and the horrors of war from Ukraine to Yemen.

Damning report finds black people face systematic racism
BLM—race, class and revolution

From BLM to the fight against racist borders, we’ll be debating how we can smash the racist system.

Marching in London for climate action during Cop26
System change not climate change

A series of debates will be discuss anti-capitalist environmentalism and the battle against climate breakdown.

Huge protests in Sudan defy police attacks and call for an end to military rule
Revolution in the 21st century

What does a revolutionary strategy look like in 2022—and what can we learn from recent revolts like in Sudan?

Join protests against transphobia this weekend
Marxism, gender and trans liberation

How can we beat back the transphobic attacks and build a world of genuine liberation?

Marxism in an age of catastrophe - capitalism created an era of plagues
Marx and Marxism today—a revolutionary guide

From Socialism 101 sessions to courses on Marxist economics, get to grips with the key elements of Marxist theory and how to apply it.

The alleged killer of Sarah Everard belonged to institutionally sexist force
Smashing the sexist system

What is revolutionary approach to women’s liberation—and how can we fight back against sexism today?

Join the Socialist Workers Party
Palestine, Zionism and the fight for liberation

We’ll be debating how we can build a revolutionary strategy for Palestinian liberation against Israeli apartheid. 

What you need to know

Marxism Festival 2022

Fri 1 - Sun 3 July

We’re back—in person! If you can’t attend in person due to Covid, you’ll be able to watch online. Once you book a ticket we will send you info about how to join online.


Marxism Festival will be taking place at the People’s Palace, Mile End campus, E1 4NS.


Click here to book yours. If you are joining online we will send you more info once you have booked a ticket. 

Disabled access

We make every effort to ensure that Marxism is accessible for disabled people. Our venues are fully accessible.


You can book halls of residence direct at Queen Mary University online here and quote code MARX2022 when you book. We can also provide basic free “crash pad” accommodation for students.


We provide a free creche with a range of activities available for children of different ages up to 11 years. This must be booked in advance.


Many campaigns and activist groups from around Britain will be running stalls during the Marxism Festival. Check the website for updates.

Bookmarks bookshop

Bookmarks—the socialist bookshop relocate their shop to Marxism Festival. They have the radical books you need to arm yourself with the ideas to change the world.

About us

Marxism Festival is a three-day political festival of socialist ideas hosted by the Socialist Workers Party.

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