Marxism Festival 2023

Marxism 2023 is a festival of socialist ideas taking place from Thursday 29 June to Sunday 2 July at SOAS University, London. It brings together meetings, speakers, debates, live music, a culture tent, film screenings, and more. Get your ticket here


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Speakers joining us at Marxism this year

Jeremy Corbyn MP

The former Labour leader will be speaking in the Bookmarks tent

Chris Smalls

President of the Amazon Labor Union in the US

Marcia Rigg

Justice campaigner

Noam Chomsky

Veteran author and philosopher

Muzan Alneel

Sudanese writer and revolutionary

David Harvey

Marxist author, economist and geographer

Leila Hassan Howe

Darcus Howe Legacy Collective

Ken Loach

Director and film maker

Christine Buchholz

German socialist, anti-war and anti-fascist activist, and former MP

Soweto Kinch

Award winning saxophonist and MC

Hannah Lowe

Poet and author of The Kids, Costa book of the year

Adam Tooze

Historian, economist and author

Yanis Varoufakis

Economist and member of the Greek parliament

Anne Alexander

Author and editor of Middle East Solidarity

Four Abellio strikers on a picket line cheer. One has her fist in the air
Striking workers

Voices from the strikes will be debating how we win


Rapper and campaigner

Judith Orr

Author of Abortion Wars and Marxism & Women’s Liberation

Gary Younge

Journalist and author 

Karen Reissmann

NHS nurse and campaigner

Aamer Anwar

Human rights lawyer and campaigner

Phoebe Plummer

Just Stop Oil

Ian Angus

Author and editor at Climate & Capitalism

Sukhdev Reel

Justice campaigner

Alex Callinicos

Marxist author and writer

Chris Peace

Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign

Volodymyr Ishchenko

Ukrainian writer and sociologist

Nadia Sayed

Anti-racist activist

Richard Boyd Barrett

Socialist TD in the Irish parliament

Laura Miles

Author of Transgender Resistance

Asad Rehman

Director of War on Want

Sophia Beach

Palestine solidarity activist and socialist

David Rosenberg

Author of Rebel Footprints. He will be doing a walking tour of Bloomsbury

Michael Roberts

Marxist economist and blogger

Lucy Williams

Councillor with Liverpool Community Independents and RCN activist

Weyman Bennett

Co-convenor of Stand Up to Racism

Darren Westwood

Amazon striker


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  • Student: £25
  • Low waged/unemployed: £25
  • Waged: £40
  • Solidarity: £55
  • Super solidarity: £80
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What you need to know

Marxism Festival 2023

Thurs 29 June - Sun 2 July

We’re back for 2023! The event is taking place across four days. There will be an online option for those who can’t join in person. Once you a book a ticket you will be sent an option to join online.


Marxism Festival will be taking place in the heart of London at SOAS University, WC1H 0XG


Click here to book your ticket. We try to keep prices as low as possible. Your ticket gives you access to the whole event, but sessions are done on a first come, first serve basis.


We make every effort to ensure that Marxism is accessible for disabled people. Our venues are fully accessible.


You can book halls of residence direct at UCL, which are a five or ten minute walk away from the venues. Use this link. These venues are run by UCL, not Marxism Festival


We provide a free creche with a range of activities available for children of different ages up to 11 years. This must be booked in advance, by Monday 5 June. Do this when you book your ticket.


Many campaigns and activist groups from around Britain will be running stalls during the Marxism Festival. Get in touch to book a space. 

Bookmarks bookshop

Bookmarks—the socialist bookshop relocates its shop to Marxism Festival. They have the radical books you need to arm yourself with the ideas to change the world.

About us

Marxism Festival is a four-day political festival of socialist ideas hosted by the Socialist Workers Party.

Galleries and videos of previous

Marxism Festivals


Browse our YouTube channel for videos from past Marxism Festivals. 


Our Soundcloud has audio from Marxism Festivals going back over the last 40 years.

Picture gallery

Get a picture of previous events by looking at our Flickr.

Code of conduct

Marxism Festival is an event to build the fightback against the horrors of the system including sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia and all oppressions. We want it to be a welcoming, safe and inclusive space for all participants, especially those who experience oppression. Therefore we are operating a zero tolerance policy towards oppressive behaviour at the event. 

We ask all participants to follow this code of conduct. The Marxism 2023 organising team reserves the right to refuse anyone entry – or remove anyone – from the event who doesn’t follow these guidelines. 

Code of conduct:

  •     Treat all participants and organisers of the event with respect
  •     Avoid demeaning, intimidatory or derogatory speech or actions, including the unacceptable behaviour below
  •     Be mindful of your fellow participants and surroundings
  •     Alert the organising team if you notice someone in distress or a violation of the code of conduct. 

Unacceptable behaviour includes but is not limited to:

  •     Intimidating, harassing, bullying, discriminatory or derogatory behaviour towards other participants or organising staff at Marxism 2023
  •     Unwanted and uninvited attention or contact
  •     Sexism or sexual harassment, intimidation or stalking
  •     Racism, islamophobia, antisemitism of any form
  •     Transphobia, homophobia or oppression due to someone’s gender or sexuality
  •     Oppression of disabled people, including those who experience mental distress

The event is hosted by the Socialist Workers Party. You can see the expected behaviour guidelines for SWP members here. 

If you witness unacceptable behaviour at the event, please make aware a member of the organising team who will be wearing pink T shirts.

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