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10,000 demand trans rights now on militant march in London

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Issue 2761
Marching for trans rights in central London
Marching for trans rights in central London (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Some 10,000 protesters raged at transphobia at London Trans+ Pride on Saturday.

It was twice the size of last year’s militant protest—and shows the growing anger at the Tories’ attacks on trans rights.

They dumped planned reforms to the Gender Recognition Act. Changes could have made it easier for trans people to change their gender legally, and to recognise non-binary as a gender identity.

One protester told Socialist Worker the Tories’ attack on trans rights “means we feel like we shouldn’t exist and have to hide”.

“We should be telling kids that it’s okay,” they said.

It was very positive to see 12 NEU union banners on the march. This is the sort of union support that’s needed.

At the protest, marchers made it clear that Pride is a protest—and demanded trans rights now. Chants included, “It’s our history—don’t deny it Stonewall was a fucking riot,” and, “Whose Pride, our Pride. Whose protest, our protest.”

And others chanted, “Pride is not for profit, keep your hands off it,” and “Pick your side, no cops at pride.”

Lyca Ada Rose said, “It’s important we fight for rights that are being infringed on. Trans rights are under attack culturally and legislatively.

“Protest protects our rights and it’s our chance to say what we think—and for people to listen and pay attention.”

Etheel Activeest wanted the Pride to “bring awareness to trans issues”. “It shows we’re not going away—there’s a lot to do,” they said. “We have to get rid of the anti-trans laws and we have to show trans youth we are there for them.”


Robin said that when Tory prime minister Boris Johnson is so openly transphobic, it gives cover for other people to be.  “Then they have the support to deny our rights,” she said.

Emma told Socialist Worker that, as a trans person, she thought it was important to be “politically active” by being on a protest. 

“Pride should 100 percent be a protest—it’s an opportunity to fight,” she said. 

Robin said, “Protest won us rights like abortion. It’s still important we are out to fight and raise awareness of other issues.”

Busting the bigoted myths told about transgender people
Busting the bigoted myths told about transgender people
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Some protesters wanted more than equal rights under capitalism—they wanted full liberation and real change.

Dan explained, “Because of the system, oppressions are interlocked. So fighting for trans liberation is also part of the fight for black, women’s and gay liberation.

“We’re not all free until the last of us is free.

“We have to fight for liberation outside of the system. We cannot be liberated if we stay here fighting within the status quo.”

“That’s why we chanted, ‘One struggle one fight, trans rights are human rights,” they added.

“So the idea that trans people are a threat to women’s rights is wrong—we’re not fighting for a limited cake of rights.”

The growing support for trans+ rights is impressive. And the resistance to transphobia is vital to push back the bigots. 

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