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170 socialist candidates

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Issue 1751

170 socialist candidates

This is what they stand for

LOOK AT the world we live in. The top three billionaires across the world have the equivalent wealth of the 48 poorest countries. All mainstream politicians support the market system that pours money into the pockets of the few while millions are in poverty.

There are 20 million unemployed in the industrial countries. Yet we are all told to work longer and harder. No wonder many people are desperate for an alternative. In Thursday’s election you can vote for the socialist alternative. The Socialist Alliance and Scottish Socialist Party have brought together individuals and groups who want to offer hope to all those who feel bitter against New Labour.

They are together standing in 170 constituencies across Britain. It is the biggest left wing electoral challenge to Labour in modern times. Seize the chance to demand people are put before profit-vote socialist.

Make the rich pay

Tax the rich and big business to rebuild the welfare state

BRITAIN IS one of the richest countries in the world. But that wealth remains in the hands of a tiny elite. Socialists say tax the fat cats and the rich.

Raising corporation tax from 30 percent to 40 percent would mean another 12 billion every year that could be invested in schools and hospitals.

…to help the poor

Raise pensions and restore the link with earnings

BRITISH PENSIONERS are amongst the poorest in Europe. Restoring the link between pensions and earnings would mean a single pensioner gets 102.65 a week (instead of the present 72.50) and a couple would receive 166.48 (instead of the present 115. 90).

Scrap student fees

TUITION FEES and loans must go. Grants must be reintroduced for all students in further and higher education, funded from higher taxation on the well paid and big business.

Defend asylum seekers

THOUSANDS OF asylum seekers are held in detention centres and prisons. Thousands more are forced to survive on vouchers worth only 70 percent of minimum benefit levels. Scrap vouchers-end the dispersal system and the locking up of asylum seekers in detention centres. Give asylum seekers and refugees in Britain the right to work.

Cancel Third World debt

19,000 children die every single day because of debt repayments bankers and the rich squeeze out of Third World countries. All this debt must be scrapped, those including debts to the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, which are the biggest debts of all.

Fund our services

Stop privatisation-renationalise the railways

PRIVATISATION has meant riches for a few, and misery and unsafe journeys for the majority. It has put profit before safety. Renationalise the railways, end the Private Finance Initiative, stop the sell-off of council housing, and renationalise the privatised utilities.

For a fully funded NHS

THE NHS is underfunded and understaffed. Socialist candidates want the building of publicly-owned hospitals, and NHS-run nursing homes and health centres, investment to abolish waiting lists, recruitment of more staff, and better pay and conditions for all health workers. End the means-tested charges for long term nursing care. Free prescriptions, eye tests and dental treatment.

Invest in education

OUR CHILDREN need fully resourced schools which are not dominated by testing, league tables and business interests. Schools need:

  • Abolition of league tables, selection and the current testing system.
  • Better pay and conditions for teachers.
  • Abolition of Education Action Zones.
  • An end to the charitable status of private schools. The 1 billion a year tax breaks for private schools could be invested into state schools.

Stop the sell-off of council homes

A DECENT and secure home should be a right for all. Socialist candidates want an extension of publicly owned housing, providing decent homes at decent rents, not privatisation of council homes. An emergency house building programme would provide homes for the homeless, clear council waiting lists and provide jobs for building workers.

End discrimination

Against racism, sexism and homophobia

SOCIALIST candidates are for:

  • An end to police harassment of black people.
  • The systematic eradication of racism in all institutions like the police, civil service, media, courts and prisons.
  • An end to discrimination against women and for equal pay.
  • The abolition of the anti-gay Section 28 and the introduction of an equal age of consent.

Backing workers

Raise the minimum wage to 7.40 an hour

A DECENT minimum wage for every worker, whatever their age, is a key step to tackling poverty.

Repeal the anti trade union laws

POWER IN the workplace has swung massively in favour of the employers. Socialist candidates want to reverse this trend through:

  • Full employment rights for workers from day one.
  • The right to a join a union, and for automatic union recognition.
  • The right to strike, picket, and take solidarity action.
  • Increased penalties on employers for health and safety offences.

For the right to work

A 35-HOUR week for all, without loss of pay, would lift the burden on those who are employed and create more jobs for those who need work. Scrap the Jobseeker’s Allowance and Welfare to Work. Restore full unemployment benefit to help those thrown out of work.

Save planet

Tough action on pollution and food safety

THE WORLD needs emergency action to curb the use of fossil fuels, and so slow down global warming. Socialist candidates are in favour of:

  • Investing in the development of sustainable alternative energy sources.
  • An integrated public transport system.
  • Tough action against corporate polluters.
  • An end to nuclear power.

Socialists are against genetically modified foods until further tests are done.

Civil rights

Stop the onslaught on civil liberties

THE SOCIALIST Alliance and the Scottish Socialist Party are against New Labour’s attacks on the right to a fair trial before a jury. The Criminal Justice Act and the Terrorism Act should be repealed. Access to legal aid should be expanded.

England 020 7791 3138 Scotland 0141 221 7714 Wales 07752 830 405

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