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600 workers occupy Hinkley Point site over unpaid wages

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Issue 2595
Workers havent received money they are owed - so they are sitting-in
Workers haven’t received money they are owed – so they are sitting-in

Up to 600 construction workers were in the second day of an occupation over unpaid wages on Wednesday. The workers are building the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant in Somerset.

According to one worker, “Hinkley Point is on a sit-in over wages. This is because we were sent home at the weekend and put on standby.

“But we’re now being withheld weekend payment because buses were cancelled on Friday morning until Monday morning.

“None of the men on site are happy and are willing to sit in all week if we have to.”

Another said, “I’m currently on the sit-in at Hinkley Point. The attitude of the management is quite disgusting. They closed the site for adverse weather conditions and it’s their responsibility to get us to and from the site in a safe manner.

“It was them who closed the site and asked us travelling men to remain in our digs until further notice.

“So we will sit here until we get what we deserve.”


The workers are employed by a Kier/BAM Nuttall joint venture. Another worker said, “We have withdrawn our labour because we are at the end of our tether.

“A senior manager came out and spoke to us, asking us to get back to work and was met with a resounding ‘no’.”

Another said, “We got kicked off site last Thursday because of the snow. We couldn’t go home. We had to report in each day.

“I stayed in digs for four days. I was meant to be on shift Thursday to Sunday, but I’m not being paid for the weekend, just Thursday and Friday.”

Peter Hughes, South West Regional Secretary for Unite said, “It is completely unacceptable for Kier/Bam to decide not to pay its workforce while those workers remained available for work during last week’s extreme weather and across the weekend”.

Strikers protest at Balfour Beatty’s London headquarters
Strikers’ protest at Balfour Beatty’s London headquarters

Around 76 Balfour Beatty electricians on the Woolwich Crossrail station in south London site struck on Wednesday. The action is part of their campaign to get project finishing bonuses of up to £5,000. Bosses responded by removing bonuses currently being paid to the electricians.





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