By Tim Knight-Hughes
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A Far Cry from a hard attack on Trump’s racist rule

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Issue 2600
Far Cry 5 could have been landed blows against Trump, but pulled its punches
Far Cry 5 could have been landed blows against Trump, but pulled its punches

The fifth instalment in the Far Cry series was initially billed as taking on Trump and the far right.

But in reality the game pulls political punches in general and avoids tackling the issue of racism in particular.

The opening scene was promising as cops bust into a Church to arrest the leader of a doomsday cult, Joseph Seed. He proclaims, “They will come, they will try to take from us, take our guns, take our freedom, Take our faith!”

The developers have created a beautiful open world plagued by a violent cult called the Project at Eden’s Gate.

They are taking over Montana by converting everyone to their faith. But they don’t discriminate over race or gender.

You almost sympathise with them as they say the world is on the edge of collapse due to the horrors of capitalism. But on other occasions they go full Nazi.

The resistance to their takeover is frustrating.


You play as a cop whose allies range from an armed black priest to a Republican Trump supporter running for senate.

He rigs his election by shooting all the opposition on voting day.

Peppered throughout the game are commentaries on US society such as bliss, the drug the cult uses.

The cult poison a town’s water supply with it—referencing the Flint Water crisis.

The game reflects liberal prejudices towards those who live in the Bible belt—they are all rednecks armed to the teeth.

Far Cry 5 is enjoyable and disturbing in equal measure.

But it is ultimately rather tame when it comes to taking a stance on racism in the US.

The message is a fudge that makes fun of everyone.


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