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A killer comes to Europe

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Debt is his weapon against the world's poorest people
Issue 1853

GEORGE BUSH, the butcher of Iraq, is arriving in Europe this weekend. He is flying into Evian in France to meet with his fellow leaders of the ‘G8’ richest industrial countries. He comes determined to hammer home his victory in Iraq – even though every day there are reports of more deaths and killings in the country he claims to have liberated.

He also wants to hammer out an agreement with the other leaders to collect debts from the poorest countries in the world. Five years ago in Birmingham the G8 leaders promised that they would massively reduce the debts of Third World countries. That was a lie. Debt is still the weapon governments and bankers wield at the poor. Some 19,000 children still die every single day because money is spent on repaying debts.

Bush also wants the other leaders to help him push through massive privatisation programmes when the World Trade Organisation meets in Cancun in Mexico in September. Everyone should support the protests against war and debt which will greet Bush as he jets into Evian this weekend.

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