By Charlotte Ahmed
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A much more dynamic push for indyref2 is needed

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Issue 2674
Marching in Perth last month
Marching in Perth last month (Pic: Hector Sierra)

The grassroots campaign supporting independence for Scotland is continuing with an unprecedented series of major meetings and demonstrations.

This will culminate in a huge demonstration in Edinburgh this Saturday.

All Under One Banner (AUOB) demonstrations, often the biggest for years, have taken place in Glasgow, Oban, Cambeltown, Aberdeen and Perth.

There have been countless meetings, fundraising events and small demos in cities, towns and villages all over Scotland.

Most were organised by an impressive array of local groups—and not under the direct control of the Scottish National party (SNP).

There is an increasing frustration with the conservatism of the SNP leadership and its obsession with Brexit.


This is fuelling a resurgence in local activism. People are acutely aware of the opportunity that the Brexit chaos engulfing the British government presents.

They want to see a much more vigorous campaign for independence.

It is a mistake for Labour to oppose independence and not to support a new referendum.

The demos have been passionately anti-Tory, anti-racist and, contrary to accusations from some quarters, not tainted by toxic nationalism.

As Brexit polarises politics, the independence movement is uniting people in a fight for a more progressive Scotland, bringing people from many different campaigns together.

We have to keep building the movement, making links with groups such as trade unions and climate justice campaigns.

We cannot wait for the SNP. Breaking up the British state is no small task and we need a movement equal to it.

There remain major hurdles if independence is to become a reality.

Join this assembly on 12 Oct

The AUOB demos have been predominantly made up of working class people from the length and breadth of Scotland.

We want to harness this growing movement and keep up the pressure on the SNP government for indyref2.

On 12 October there will be an AUOB national assembly in Glasgow and we are inviting representatives from all the different Yes groups and campaigners to take the movement to the next level.

Keir McKechnie

Assembly, Sat 12 Oct, 1pm, Renfield St Stephens, 260 Bath Street, G2 4JP

People who support independence want to see an end to austerity, cuts, war and racism

Support for Labour in Scotland has been in free fall due to its ­failure to support independence and indyref2.

Labour can only win a British general election on a radical manifesto which challenges big business and the ­politicians who back it.

There is no contradiction between this and supporting the right of the people in Scotland to decide whether they want to remain part of Britain. The last few months have shown British politics is in a steep decline.

And they have brought to the surface the brutality and undemocratic character of the Tories, the main political agents of the British state.


The vast majority of ­working class people in Scotland who support independence do so because they want to see an end to austerity, cuts, war and racism. They want to see the back of Boris Johnson and Tory rule.

Delegates to the Labour Party conference voted for a series of radical proposals including a green new deal, extensive nationalisation, and the abolition of private schools.

If the bosses are able to beat back and undermine this, we should be in no doubt that this will make it harder to put forward a radical case for Scottish independence.

The Scottish independence movement cannot remain neutral in a battle between a radical Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn and a very right wing Tory party.

Workers in Scotland should support a Corbyn-led Labour government. But they should also strongly demand our democratic right to hold a second Scottish independence referendum when we choose.

Bob Fotheringham

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