By Chris Bambery, secretary Right to Work
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After 3 October – where next for Right to Work?

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Axes are poised over our heads as the Tories plan the biggest attack on public services and living standards for generations.
Issue 2221

Axes are poised over our heads. In two weeks time, on Wednesday 20 October, chancellor George Osborne will stand up in parliament and announce the biggest attack on public services and living standards for generations.

This millionaire Tory has never known what it is like to rely on your local library, to have to fill in a form to get a nursery place for your children or to fight to get decent care for an elderly relative.

Yet he will be taking his axe to those services, imposing cuts in public spending far beyond anything Margaret Thatcher inflicted on us in the 1980s.

We are being told we have to accept this in the national interest. Yet Osborne, Nick Clegg, David Cameron and all the other millionaires in the cabinet live in a different world to the rest of us.

The deficit they expect us to pay for is largely the result of bailing out the bankers who used the money to drive up their share prices and pay themselves bonuses. Now we are expected to pick up the tab.


Firstly, we should all say we are not paying—this is not our crisis. Secondly, we need to resist.

All of us who are demonstrating outside the Tory Party conference in Birmingham this Sunday should be charged with building that resistance.

Disgracefully, the Tory council and the police refused to allow us to march past the conference. But hundreds of people, including union leaders and MPs, rallied to support the right to protest.

After Sunday, we need to redouble our efforts to develop Right to Work groups in every town and city, and build a national fightback against the Tories. We should be part of every fight.

For instance, on 19 October trade unionists from across Britain will lobby parliament against cuts—join them.

On 20 October and again on Saturday 23 October there are protest marches and rallies across Britain—build them where you work, live or study.

All of us need to respond to Osborne’s cuts and austerity measures by building this resistance, uniting everything.

The TUC has called a national demonstration against cuts in March. This needs to be built, but it should be the springboard for a general strike.

This Con-Dem coalition is fragile. Together we can break it. Let’s set to work.


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