By Terry Wrigley
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After Gove’s climbdown – continue to fight against Tory attacks

This article is over 8 years, 11 months old
Michael Gove is "consulting" on a new school curriculum that will make life hell in primary schools.
Issue 2340

Michael Gove is “consulting” on a new school curriculum that will make life hell in primary schools.

Pupils will have to memorise so much information that there will be no time for real understanding, self-expression, interest or enjoyment.

Their English lessons will be filled with long lists of spellings of words they don’t understand.

For example the spelling list for seven year olds includes experience, business, reign, subdivide, and interrelated.

An earlier version even included champagne and chauffeur, which was an embarrassing give-away.

Gove’s plan takes no notice of the age of children.

It expects six year olds to understand “the concepts of” nation, civilisation and democracy.

Nearly half of six year olds are failing Gove’s new “reading test” which involves reading nonsense words.

Many more will fail his spelling punctuation and grammar (Spag) test at age 11, when it comes in this summer.


The truth is that Gove actually needs children to fail.

Firstly, inspectors will label thousands of primary schools as “failing” so that they can be closed and turned into privatised academies.

He wants to allow businesses to make a profit out of running academies, and to shift control of these schools from a government department into a private business.

This was exposed in a leaked memo in the Independent on Sunday last week.

Secondly, it provides a justification for individual teachers’ pay to be cut.

The government wants to give headteachers the power to cut teachers’ pay.

And finally, with youth unemployment so high, it is safer if young people believe they are too stupid to get a job.

We urgently need a vigorous campaign by teachers and parents—a Campaign for Education—to isolate Gove and force another humiliating defeat.

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