By Gabby Thorpe
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After Portland, Trump gives boost to far right protest

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Antifa have a history of smashing fascists in Portland
Antifa have a history of smashing fascists in Portland (Pic: Old White Truck/Flickr)

Anti-fascists in Portland, Oregon, saw off some 100 far right demonstrators last Saturday.

The “end domestic terrorism” rally was organised by fascist group the Proud Boys, which is calling for Antifa to be labelled a terrorist organisation.

The demonstrators were driven off by up to 1,000 anti-fascists. After 30 minutes of marching the fascists requested that police escort them from the area.

Rose City Antifa, which organised the counter-demonstration, said it would not allow fascists to bring their “branded violence” to Portland.

The group encouraged people to take to the streets in defence of the city.

As the rally began, US president Donald Trump tweeted saying that “major consideration” was being given to designating Antifa a domestic terrorist organisation.

This has allowed the Proud Boys to declare that their protest was a success, despite being heavily outnumbered.

The Proud Boys have said that they will continue to march in Portland every month until supporters of Antifa are labelled terrorists.


Anti-fascist campaigner and socialist Eric Fretz said that the fascists were using the event to “publicise themselves and demonise anyone who stands up to them”.

“They are getting help in that from president Trump down to the local police,” he said.

Trump isn’t the only person to demonise Antifa.

Republican senators Ted Cruz and Bill Cassidy have introduced a congressional resolution to have Antifa reclassified as terrorists.

Fretz said, “It is the far right groups who are committing deadly shootings and other terrorist events in the US.

“To even consider branding Antifa a terrorist organisation is to openly side with fascists against immigrants, people of colour, Jewish worshippers and women who are targets of fascist terror.”

Trump’s decision to side with the fascists is just the latest in a long line of actions taken to fuel division in the US.

As the 2020 elections get closer, he is upping his racist rhetoric, and attacks on migrants’ rights, in order to secure right wing votes.

His attacks on Mexican people have led to horrific violence in his name.

Fascists in the US have carried out massacres and murdered left wing protesters since Trump was elected.

But the number of deaths caused by Antifa is zero.

Anti-fascists have proven that an organised movement can smash fascism.

Trump must not be allowed to continue with his racist rhetoric that promotes violence and division.

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