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Anger as New York police attack Occupy Wall Street camp

This article is over 12 years, 5 months old
Occupy Wall Street activist Conor Tomás Reed spoke to Socialist Worker on Tuesday morning about the mood on the ground in New York in the wake of the camp’s eviction
Issue 2278

The general mood in New York right now is of anger and resolve. Since the start of OWS we have been preparing for police eviction. So this was partially a surprise—but also really not. An emergency response network had been established via text messages, which immediately alerted the community.

Right now people are gathering at nearby Foley Square to plan next steps. We will redouble our efforts to bring out immense numbers on our day of action on Thursday 17 November.

It’s unclear whether major strikes will happen that day. But our aim is to shut down the regular financial operations of the city—and spread more occupations.

The student strike on 17 November should be massive, and we hope the OWS march through New York that afternoon is a festival of our ambitions.

New Yorkers have been hugely supportive of OWS since the beginning. We now have groups in all five city boroughs doing outreach and agitation.

We are organising on so many levels—on our campuses, in our communities and in our workplaces. Hundreds of thousands around the city have had a crash course in radical activism.

This is a defining moment for all those who have been politicised by the Occupy efforts both here in New York and around the world. There is no turning back—losing our collective future is not an option.

Police brutality shows that the government and business fear the spread of non-violent direct action. They fear people holding a public conversation about how to improve our societies.

The 1 percent don’t want democracy. They prefer what OWS activists have dubbed “demo-crazy” to these kinds of inspiring upsurges in social justice participation.

The economic system is a vicious wounded animal—and we’re trying to muster up the millions to put the damn thing out of its misery. Solidarity from New York with your 30 November strike in Britain. Let’s work together to make history.

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