By Annette Mackin
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Anti-fascists block Hungarian Nazis’ London rally

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Protesters block the exits to Holborn station to stop fascist rally
Protesters block the exits to Holborn station to stop fascist rally (Pic: Kelvin Williams)

More than 200 anti-fascists blockaded the exits to Holborn underground station in central London cornering members of the Hungarian Nazi party Jobbik.

The 50 Nazis had planned to hold a rally in London today, Sunday, where their leader Gabor Vona would whip up racism ahead of May’s European elections. Last month British National Party (BNP) MEP Nick Griffin said he looked forward to meeting Jobbik leaders as they shared common values.

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) called the No to Jobbik protest outside the station.

Jobbik is the third largest party in Hungary. It has carried out brutal attacks on Roma, Jews and other minorities.

Vona had said that Polish people living in London would step in to defend the Hungarian Nazis from anti-fascists.

Anti-fascists outside holborn

Anti-fascists outside holborn (Pic: Kelvin Williams)

But today Poles were on the anti-fascist protest. Jacek from north London told Socialist Worker, “I am Polish and I don’t want to be associated with Jobbik. They are just trying to divide us.

“We have fascist organisations in Poland and they have big expectations for the May elections.

“It’s a Europe wide problem—Nazis are on the rise in Greece too because of the economic crisis.

“It’s very important to come together to oppose them in every country. In Britain there’s been success against the fascists because they have been opposed so vigorously at every turn.”

The Nazis had their venue cancelled three times, and attempted to hold a rally inside Holborn station but were drowned out by the anti-fascist protest.

The station temporarily shut down as anti-fascists gathered outside chanting, “Six million dead – never again!”

After attempting to sieg heil and chant, Jobbik Nazis scuttled away under police escort.

Weyman Bennett, joint national secretary of UAF, said, “A fascist party like Jobbik have no right to come here. It is an insult that they have come here the day before Holocaust Memorial Day.

“We’re here to stand together in unity and say they are not welcome.

“If you’re Roma you are welcome here. We stand with the Roma and Jewish communities and we will not allow Jobbik to spread racism and division.”

Last month Nick Griffin, member of European parliament for the North West, said that the BNP shared a common set of values with Jobbik and Greek fascists Golden Dawn.

In 2012 Jobbik’s deputy parliamentary leader Marton Gyongyosi called for a register of Jewish ministers and legislators.

UAF have set up a campaign to kick Griffin out of his seat in the May elections. To find out more about Nick Griffin Must Go email to [email protected] 

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