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Anti-fascists celebrate as they outnumber far right at Honor Oak

It was the fifth time Turning Point UK mobilised against a drag queen storytelling event at the south London pub
Issue 2861
Anti-fascists took the road outside Honor Oak pub- Hundred stand behind an pink, blue and white banner which reads 'South London is antifascist'

Anti-fascists took the road outside Honor Oak pub

Around 200 anti-fascists outnumbered a far right group trying to intimidate people going to a drag Queen storytelling event at Honor Oak pub in south London. Turning Point UK mustered around 50 fascists and far right bigots—the fifth time they’ve mobilised outside the pub. 

Chants of “Cheerio, cheerio” rang out as they slunk off. Micki from Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) South London told the counter-protest, “The event hasn’t even started and they’ve gone—I think that’s a victory.” 

“Five, nil,” she said to big cheers. “We have always outnumbered them and we should be really proud of ourselves. They will never win if we stick together and come out on the streets.”

A sound system playing music drowned out the far right, who hoped to make speeches and stream their bigotry online. One of the drag queens, That Girl, came outside at the end and said, “This is the kind of energy we need. 

“In Pride Month of all times, we need you on our side. Your voices are so important—we cannot do this alone.”

Many were angry at the police repression they have faced on counter-protests. Cops arrested two anti-fascists. 

Anti-fascist dance outside Honour Oak pub

Anti-fascists celebrating outside Honor Oak pub

People continued dancing in celebration on the road after the counter-protest finished in defiance of the cops. 

Some of the far right had gathered after 6am, hoping to take the area directly in front of the pub before the counter-protest began at 8am. A group of anti-fascists confronted them and thwarted their plan. Anti-fascists and the far right initially faced one another in pens on the pavement. As the number of anti-fascists grew through the morning, they took the whole road in front of the pub. 

Anti-fascists in south London are determined to keep mobilising to defend drag queen storytelling at Honor Oak. 

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