By Tomáš Tengely-Evans
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Anti-racists defy Nazi Tommy Robinson’s thuggish election campaign

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Issue 2653
Stand Up To Racism activists get organised to take on Tommy Robinsons election campaign
Stand Up To Racism activists get organised to take on Tommy Robinson’s election campaign (Pic: Socialist Worker)

Nazi Tommy Robinson’s election campaign has been marked by intimidation by him and his supporters—and opposition to it. Robinson is standing to be an MEP for the North West of England in European elections scheduled for 23 May.

A mob of Robinson supporters attacked anti-fascist protesters in Warrington, Cheshire, on Thursday. Alice Edwards was left bloodied in hospital, with a broken nose, after attending a protest against Robinson in the town centre.

She told Socialist Worker, “We heard that Tommy Robinson would be in our home town—I don’t like anything he stands for. Me and my mate needed to be out there to tell him that he’s not welcome.

“It’s his racism and fascism—he just wants to spread hate.”

Alice says Daniel Thomas, a high-profile member of the Vote Tommy campaign, punched her. She said, “The people who were involved were part of his entourage, they had come with him on the van.

“They pushed my friend and I rushed over and said, ‘What are you doing?’

“Someone else grabbed my friend from behind and another one of the entourage punched me in the head.

“Then Danny Tommo ran at me and started punching me.

“My mate came flying over and pulled them off and someone said ‘That’s what you get you faggot.’”

The real face of Tommy Robinson
The real face of Tommy Robinson
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Alice added, “He punched my nose—I felt it break instantly.”

The attack on Alice and the other protesters came after residents confronted Robinson in Bury, Greater Manchester on Wednesday. He complained that “some Muslim supporter” had thrown a milkshake over him.

The following day Robinson punched a man who threw another milkshake over him in Warrington.

Danyal Mahmud, the Asian man from Blackburn who stood up to him, said he had felt “a bit shaken up and shocked” by Robinson’s crew. He said, “I was in Warrington for a meeting and afterwards was on my way home.

“I had to pass this group of people, I kept moving location, I was the only Asian guy there. I said I just don’t want to speak to you on or off camera.

“I just got annoyed with him.”

Mass campaigning against Robinson is needed to stop him getting elected.

Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) and Unite Against Fascism (UAF) joined a protest against Robinson in Warrington on Thursday evening. He had organised a rally outside the filming of BBC Question Time.

SUTR and UAF also held 40-strong mobilising meeting in Manchester on Friday to plan taking on Robinson. The last week of his campaign has shown the danger posed by Robinson—and the need to stop him.

Alice said it was important to join protests and stop Robinson from becoming an MEP.“All of us were outnumbered in Warrington,” she said.

“And if he was in power, attacks would happen again and it would be more regular.”

Weekend of opposition to Tommy Robinson, Sat 18 May and Sun 19 May Protests, rallies and campaigning across North West region from Carlisle to Crewe, Liverpool to Manchester. Go toStand Up To Racism Manchesteron Facebook for more information

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