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Anti-war activists stage day of action ahead of Nato warmongers’ summit

Organised by the Stop The War Coalition, protests, rallies and stalls demanded, ‘Russian troops out, no to Nato escalation’
Issue 2811
A group of 25 Stop The War activists in Dorchester holding placards on the day of action against the Nato summit

Stop The War activists protest in Dorchester

Anti-war campaigners took part in an international day of action in towns and cities across Britain on Saturday ahead of the Nato warmongers’ summit in Madrid. Organised by the Stop The War Coalition (STW), it demanded, “Russian troops out, no to Nato escalation” in the war in Ukraine.

In London, STW held a protest outside the Ministry of Defence. Lindsey German, STW convenor, said, “It’s so important we stand up against this war and the consequences of this war.” 

German slammed those who tried to silence the anti-war movement’s opposition to Nato’s role in driving the war in Ukraine. “We were told that was a complete lie, that it was just about Russian aggression, that it was just a war between two countries,” she said. “This war has everything to do with what Nato is doing as well as what Russia is doing. 

“It expanded in terms of its aggression, it was involved in wars in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Libya. And when you hear that Nato is a movement for peace that is a lie— it is a movement for war.” 

Two nuclear-armed camps, the US and Russia, confront one another across eastern Europe and central Asia. The danger of nuclear war is the highest since the end of the Cold War in 1991. Kate Hudson, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament general secretary, said, “Today in Madrid hundreds, if not thousands of people have gathered for a counter-summit to discuss the alternative to Nato. We can be absolutely sure there is no solution for peace in the hands of Nato.” 

Hudson added, “We know Nato will be talking about their new strategic concept. We know that every time Nato has a new strategic concept they are expanding the remit of Nato, whether it’s going into Latin America, Africa or Asia.” She warned that Nato is “building on their proxy war with Russia”. Nato has already said it will focus on the “return of great power competition”—particularly  with China in the coming decade. 

Meanwhile, around 25 protesters in Glasgow demanded, “Scrap Trident, no to nuclear war.”  And in Dorchester in the south west of England activists protested against the war and held placards that demanded, “Cut warfare, not welfare.” Candy, a local anti-war activist, reports, “Over 25 people joined a lively protest and march, pledging to build the STW network in Dorset and to meet and protest again.” 

Rallies and campaigning stalls were also scheduled to take place in other towns and cities, including Brighton, Manchester, Sheffield, Southampton and Hull. As Russia and Nato ramp up their proxy war over Ukraine, it’s vital to keep building a movement that can stop our rulers’ drive for escalation. 

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