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Anti-war demos

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Demonstrators took to the streets in many countries on Saturday of last week.
Issue 1769

Demonstrators took to the streets in many countries on Saturday of last week.

ROME: 50,000-70,000 people marched through the Italian capital. Earlier last week over 20,000 people marched in Naples despite the planned NATO meeting being cancelled.

WASHINGTON: over 15,000 people protested in Washington against the war over the weekend. Saturday saw a 2,000-strong march called by the Anti-Capitalist Convergence group. It defied police intimidation and a miserable ‘counter-demonstration’ by a couple of hundred rabid supporters of Bush’s war. At midday the march joined the start of 10,000-strong demonstration called by the ANSWER anti-war coalition. The following day 2,000-3,000 attended a peace rally.

ATHENS: over 10,000 people marched through the Greek capital on Thursday evening last week. Maria Styllou from the Socialist Workers Party in Greece said, ‘We stopped outside the parliament building, but many people wanted to go on to protest outside the US embassy. We did that, despite the police.’

AMSTERDAM: over 10,000 people marched in the biggest peace demonstration in Holland since the 1980s. It brought together veteran anti-nuclear protesters with new people. Over 150 organisations supported it, including Afghan refugees and Filipino migrant workers.

BARCELONA: around 7,000 marched against the war.

BERLIN: Some 5,000 joined a march originally called to defend refugee rights. It took up anti-war slogans. Over 1,000 marched in Frankfurt. There were protests in Stuttgart, Cologne and other German cities. On Friday school students struck and marched in Hanover.

SYDNEY: 1,500 people marched, including members of the construction workers’ union, which is now holding site meetings to endorse a motion against the war.

TORONTO: about 1,200 people demonstrated. There were also protests in other Canadian cities like Vancouver, Montreal and Halifax. The night before over 700 people attended a meeting in Toronto to mark the first anniversary of the intifada. There were also protests in Prague in the Czech Republic, and Turkey‘s capital, Istanbul, where police waded in three times to stop a rally taking place.

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