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ANTI-WAR movement teach-ins, discussion meetings and debates continue to attract large and enthusiastic audiences across Britain. Those which took place last week included:
Issue 1853

ANTI-WAR movement teach-ins, discussion meetings and debates continue to attract large and enthusiastic audiences across Britain. Those which took place last week included:

Edinburgh: About 150 people attended a conference last weekend organised by the Edinburgh Stop the War Coalition and the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign. The programme included sessions on ‘Afghanistan today’, ‘Iraq today’, ‘Israel, the Hijack State’ and ‘Depleted Uranium, a weapon of mass destruction’.

The participants who included a large contingent from Edinburgh Youth, a school student organisation, found the weekend informative and inspiring.
Pat Smith

North London: Anti-war campaigners from Camden came together for a successful day school last week to discuss the consequences of war in Iraq. As well as discussions on the Middle East and Palestine, we also held workshops on the war on democracy, the Project for the New American Century, protest and strategy today and South America: resistance in Bush’s backyard.

Campaigners of all backgrounds, ages and experiences came to the day school. The most common theme of the day was the importance of continuing to extend the Stop the War Coalition.

We discussed continuing to campaign against the occupation of Iraq and the ‘war on terror’, and also reinforcing the local networks that have played a crucial role in mobilising opposition to the war. This led to discussions encouraging people to join our delegation going to the Evian protests and about local activities and meetings over the coming months. We also discussed how we could mount a challenge to New Labour in next year’s Greater London Assembly elections.
Simon Underwood and Liz Wheatley

Hackney: 20 people attended a meeting in London Fields against the occupation of Iraq on Thursday of last week. It included discussion of the way forward for the anti-war movement.

Birmingham: 20 people attended a Stop the War Coalition video showing in King’s Heath on Tuesday of last week. The following night around 150 people attended a peace concert put on by the Coalition in a local folk music club to hear singer Julie Felix. People want to continue organising against the occupation of Iraq and we plan more events.
Janine Broderick

Meetings with George Galloway

WILLESDEN: The war on terror – the terror of war, Thursday 29 May, 7:30pm, Willesden Green Library Centre, 95 Willesden High Rd. With Robin (ISM) and Tublu Mukherjee (human rights lawyer).

EALING: No to the occupation of Iraq – justice for Palestine, Thursday 5 June, 7:30pm, Ealing Town Hall. With Abdul-Hadi Jiad and Balwindar Rana.

PRESTON: End the occupation of Iraq – freedom for Palestine, Saturday 7 June, 7pm, Restaurant Lounge, Guild Hall, Preston town centre. With John Rees (STWC) and Saed Ahmed (MAB).

WHITSTABLE: War, lies and dissent, Wednesday 11 June, 7:30pm, St Alpheds Infant School, Oxford Street. With Lindsey German (STWC) and Arram Rawf (Iraqi refugee).

PORTSMOUTH: Has Iraq been liberated?, 7pm, Park Building, Tuesday 17 June, room 2.26, University of Portsmouth, Guild Hall Square. With Lindsey German.

BRIGHTON: Propaganda, lies and dissent, Friday 20 June, 7pm, Brighton Helm Centre, North Road. With Lindsey German and Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui (Muslim Parliament).


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