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Arm yourselves with the arguments: why it’s right to back the Palestinian resistance

Key articles on the foundation of Israel, its links to imperialism and Palestinian resistance to it
Palestine Israel

A Palestine solidarity protest in London (Picture: Guy Smallman)

Palestinians have struck a huge blow against Israeli settler colonialism.

In the face of escalating violence from the Israeli state, Palestinian fighters launched an unprecedented attack from the Gaza Strip on Saturday 7 October.

Read about why the Palestinian people have every right to respond in any way they choose to the violence that the Israeli state metes out to them every day. 

‘We’re rewriting history, our fighters took the initiative’—Palestinian speaks out

A Palestinian living near Jerusalem spoke to Socialist Worker about the significance of the unprecedented attack from Gaza. “All of us are proud,” he says. “Today was a rewriting of history—our history. I think that for the first time in history—well at least since after 1973—our fighters have taken the initiative. It proved and showed how weak Israel’s apartheid regime is.”

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Interview: Israel’s crisis and the Palestinian resistance

The International Socialism journal (ISJ) has interviewed Toufic Haddad, a Palestinian author and ­journalist living in Jerusalem, and Israeli-born academic Ilan Pappe.

They pre-date Israel’s escalation, but explain how the brutality of Israel is driving it.

They argue the turmoil in Israel reflects divisions over how to develop settler-colonialism, not a break with it.

Why Palestine has a right to resist

It’s right to resist—Israel’s bloody assault is not ‘self-defence’

People who say ‘both sides’ must end violence are really siding with the oppressor. This article, published during the last round of resistance in 2021, explains why Palestinians have the right to fight back—with rocks or with rockets.

Palestinian uprising one year on—lessons in resistance against repression

A historic uprising mounted a direct challenge to Israel’s regime in 2021. The ‘Unity Intifada’ saw Palestinians protest in east Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza and strike inside Israel’s official borders—which Palestinians call 48 Palestine.

One year on Majd Kayyal, an activist from the occupied city of Haifa, spoke to Socialist Worker about the challenges facing resistance then and now.

Revolutionary struggle—lessons from the Palestinian revolt

Anne Alexander looks at what the Unity Intifada means for imperialism and resistance in Palestine and the Middle East.

Lion’s Den—the armed Palestinian resistance

This article from November 2022 explored the new resistance groups that are fighting back.

How can Palestine be free? 

One-state solution is the only way to free Palestine

Ending apartheid in Palestine: the case for a revolutionary strategy

Anne Alexander’s article in the International Socialism Journal (ISJ) looks at the development of Israeli colonialism and apartheid—and how it can be overthrown.

Why does US imperialism back Israel?

Why the US backs Israel

The West supports Israel because it’s an armed outpost of imperialism in the Middle East.

Six days that entrenched imperialism

Israel showed its worth to the US in the Six Day War of 1967—a relationship that’s shaped war and politics in the Middle East ever since.

The Yom Kippur War when Israel proved its worth

The 1973 Yom Kippur War helped Israel solidify its position as the United States’ reliable force in the Middle East.

Israel’s political crisis

Palestinian activist: Israeli crisis is ‘internal conflict over the means of oppressing’ us

Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans to remove judicial controls on the government sparked weeks of demonstrations by Israel’s to defend their “democracy”. The root cause of the crisis concerns the occupation of Palestine and how to manage it.

Majd Kayyal, a Palestinian activist in Haifa, spoke to Socialist Worker about what means.  

The pernicious plans of Israel’s far right

The vicious assault on Palestinians in the West Bank town of Jenin in July was just the start, says Rob Ferguson.  

Israel and the contradictions of Zionism

Amid the Israeli political crisis, we explored how the state of Israel must brutally repress Palestinians to exist, but how this can risk upsetting its imperialist masters.

Can an Israeli left be part of a solution?

Rob Ferguson argues that Palestinians and Jews can be free to live in equality in a single, democratic, secular state—but only if the structures of settler colonialism are dismantled. That dismantling cannot come from within, let alone from a “left” that is complicit in the building and maintenance of settler-colonialism.

Israel: an apartheid state

Several mainstream human rights organisations now admit Israel is an apartheid state. Read about their reports:

Amnesty tells it like it is — Israel is an apartheid state 

Israeli group B’Tselem labels regime ‘apartheid’ in a new report

Israel’s apartheid crimes exposed by Human Rights Watch

Israel creation: the Nakba of 1948

The Nakba shows why it’s right to oppose Israel

The creation of the state of Israel in 1948 led to the ethnic cleansing of nearly one million Palestinians. On the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, we explained why it’s right to show solidarity with Zionism’s victims.

Israel’s massacre at Deir Yassin

The massacre has since come to symbolise all the crimes committed against the Palestinians in 1948.

Suppressed report reveals the horror of the Nakba

An Israeli report—hidden for years, now uncovered—reveals the crimes during the creation of Israel in the words of those who committed them

The Nakba 75 years on: ‘The injustice will not last’

Palestinian women told Socialist Worker that occupation, displacement, military harassment and near constant attacks are the legacy of the forced expulsion of Palestinians from their land. But there’s hope in resistance.

Palestine before the Nakba

Bloody Balfour’s century of oppression in Palestine

In 1917, Tory foreign secretary Arthur Balfour’s declaration laid the basis for Palestinian oppression

Britain’s legacy of brutality in Palestine

When Israel carries out atrocities, it’s worth remembering that Palestinian oppression began with the British Empire.

The first intifada: when Palestine rose against the British

John Newsinger, author of the Blood Never Dried: A People’s History of the British Empire, looks at when Palestinians fought the British occupiers and Zionist settlers

Palestinian resistance: bravery and betrayal

The Black September massacre 1970

In 2018 the media was using the Black September group’s hostage-taking of Israeli athletes in 1972 to attack Jeremy Corbyn and the left.

In this article, read about the defeat and betrayal in the fight for Palestinian liberation that led to the massacre.

The First Intifada of 1987

In December 1987 Palestinians rose up against Israel in the first intifada—a rebellion that lasted five years and inspired solidarity across the Middle East. This piece, written on the 30th anniversary, looks at the Palestinians’ struggle and the lessons for resisting Israel today.

The Oslo Accords betrayed the Palestinians

This article, written on the 25th anniversary of the Oslo deal of 1993, looks at how the “peace process” and “two state solution” are the sham.


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