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Arm yourself with the arguments—why it’s right to oppose the Russian invasion and Nato

A selection of our key articles on the Ukraine war—from the roots of the conflict to why it’s right to oppose Nato
Issue 2798
A crowd shot of the Stop The War demonstration in London people hold placards saying stop the war and no to war

The message on the Stop The War demonstration over Ukraine in London was clear—no to Russia’s invasion, no to Nato escalation (Picture: Guy Smallman)

“So if you don’t want Nato to use its power and weapons, how are you going to stop the Russians? You’re letting the killers win.” That’s a question that anyone who opposes Western escalation in Ukraine must have faced. In this article, we argue real hopes lies with the anti-war movements in Russia and the West and Ukrainian resistance independent of Nato

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky keeps demanding that Nato must impose a no-fly zone. While it might seem like an answer to Russian bombardment of civilians, it’s a dangerous move that could lead to a direct confrontation between two nuclear-armed powers. 

Sanctions can appear to be a peaceful alternative. But, as we argue in this article, they make ordinary people suffer—and risk even further escalation.

Here you can read a collection of reports from our sister organisation, the Socialist Tendency in the Russian Federation. They are an inspiring record of revolutionaries fighting their own ruling class

Written in the run-up to the Russian invasion, this article looks at why Ukraine is at the centre of inter-imperialist rivalry between the West and Russia.  

The Ukraine conflict began long before Russia’s invasion. In this article, Rob Ferguson looks at why imperial rivalry and nationalist division have torn Ukraine apart since 2014. 

How important are fascist groups such as the Azov regiment in Ukraine?

In this piece, read about how Ukraine’s history is scarred by repression with imperialist powers using the country for their own gain.

Left wing writer Paul Mason criticised our opposition to US imperialism in the Ukraine crisis. Alex Callinicos explains where Mason’s gone wrong

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