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Austria resists

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Issue 1683

Fascists in government, but..

Austria resists

“THREE IN four Austrians voted against Haider. He is a fascist. We don’t want to go back to the 1930s.” That is what Vienna housewife Beatrix Vasegak told Socialist Worker last Saturday. She spoke for hundreds of thousands of people in Austria. The entry of the far right Freedom Party into government, courtesy of the Austrian Tories, has sent shockwaves across the world.

Even many Tory politicians in Europe say they are concerned. Labour and Tory governments in the European Union pledged diplomatic sanctions on Austria last week. But by the beginning of this week they were already retreating. The British government has been the most reluctant to condemn the fascist ministers.

Freedom Party leader Jrg Haider makes speeches in praise of Hitler. Scandalously, Labour foreign secretary Robin Cook says we should judge Haider “on his deeds, not his words”. Fortunately students and workers in Austria have shown more courage. Thousands have taken to the streets against Haider and the new government. Everyone should support those fighting back. If Haider’s party stays in power it will boost Nazis and racists everywhere. Special eyewitness report page 5 further coverage see pages 4 & 10

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