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Billionaires gather at Davos – the rich gloat as planet burns

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Issue 2688
Mass movements for radical change are the way to save the planet - not relying on the rich and politicians
Mass movements for radical change are the way to save the planet – not relying on the rich and politicians (Pic: Andrew McGowan)

“Without treating this as a real crisis we cannot solve it,” was the rallying cry from school climate strike leader Greta Thunberg to world leaders this week.

Unfortunately for her—and for us—they won’t listen.

Speaking at the Davos conference, hosted by the World Economic Forum (WEF), Thunberg joined climate activists Autumn Peltier, Salvador Gomez-Colon and Natasha Wang Mwansa.

Billionaires and politicians gathered at the ski resort in Switzerland to discuss its key theme—“stakeholders for a cohesive and sustainable world”.

Also due to speak on the climate crisis was Bank of England governor Mark Carney and former US vice president Al Gore.

Ahead of Davos, Thunberg and other strike leaders demanded that governments and companies halt investment, extraction and subsidies for fossil fuels.

But for the fossil fuel magnates and banking fat cats crammed into the conference halls in Davos, nothing of the sort is planned.

The tiny minority who fill the world’s boardrooms and sign off on new fossil fuels explorations plan to expand operations, not cut back.


Davos doesn’t challenge rule by the handful of super-rich—it entrenches it.

It allows the scum at the top of society to hobnob with each other, all while pretending to care about the fact that the planet is on fire.

It’s not just that they represent a rotten system. Davos delegates lack the power or the will to challenge the system as a whole.

The answer isn’t more conferences of the rich and powerful to shore up their capitalist system—it’s to build a force powerful enough to take them on.

The fight for our lives—and our world—is on.

It will mean building a society that can take on the causes of extreme weather, rising sea levels, soaring temperatures, floods and species extinction.

Everyone who cares about the future of the planet should throw themselves into building a force powerful enough to take on the power and resources of the Trumps or Carneys of this world.

The bosses at Davos pay lip service to the climate emergency—but they don’t have the same interests as us.

Their priority is clinging on to their wealth and power, whatever the environmental cost. Our battle is to fight for a sustainable world built on the interests of the planet and ordinary people.

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