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Birmingham protest to take on the anti-abortion bigots

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Issue 2554
Protesters for abortion rights last year
Protesters for abortion rights last year (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Abortion rights campaigners are planning a mass demonstration against the “March for Life” in Birmingham this Saturday.

Anti-abortion campaigner Lila Rose is set to come to Birmingham

Anti-abortion campaigner Lila Rose is set to come to Birmingham (Pic: Live Action/Wikicommons)

The “March for Life” brings together a motley crew of anti-abortion bigots, who organise their protest and festival annually in the West Midlands city.

While they have faced opposition, they have been boosted by sexist bigot Donald Trump becoming US president.

Bridget Parsons from Birmingham told Socialist Worker, “The attacks on women’s rights are going to increase, especially if Theresa May gets back in.

“There have been three meetings organising for the demonstration, thousands of leaflets have been printed and have gone out this week.

“The university and different areas of Birmingham have been covered and we’re also going to leaflet the Jeremy Corbyn meeting on Saturday morning.”


There is a sense of momentum behind the protest, which is supported by Abortion Rights among other groups.

The Women’s March Against Trump group has organised a coach from London. Activists from the local Abortion Rights group in Cardiff and Nottingham also plan to join the demonstration.

The protest in Birmingham has to be a mass show of support for a woman’s right to choose.

The March for Life organisers are flying in Lila Rose, founder of anti-abortion group Live Action, from the US.

Rose has led a high profile smear campaign of the Planned Parenthood charity.

This included posing as a distraught 15 year old in order to make a propaganda film from inside an abortion clinic in 2009.

Boosted by Trump’s new attacks on a woman’s right to choose, the likes of Rose want to spread their bigoted message to Britain.

But the majority of people are not on their side and have been won to supporting a woman’s right to choose.


October will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the passage of the Abortion Act of 1967, which gave women a limited right to abortion.

Ever since it was passed, there have been repeated attempts to undermine it.

But these have been beaten back by abortion rights campaigners. They are determined to stop a return to the era when women were denied their rights and forced into unsafe abortions.

As the right gears up for more attacks, it will take more mass campaigning to defend a woman’s right to choose—and fighting for free abortion on demand.

The pro-choice demonstration this Saturday can strengthen this fight.

Bridget said, “There hasn’t been an Abortion Rights group in Birmingham in the last couple of years.

“But now we have a local group, so we can get more organised.”

It is also an opportunity to build support for opposing Trump when he comes to Britain in October to spread his sexism and bigotry.

Women’s March Against Trumpism, Saturday 20 May, 12 noon Victoria Square, Birmingham

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