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‘Blame the West’s wars, not Muslims’ says 7/7 survivor

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Issue 2425
Aftermath of the London bombings on 7 July 2005
Aftermath of the London bombings on 7 July 2005 (Pic: Francis Tyers on Wikimedia Commons)

Linda is a 7/7 London bombing survivor, who was injured in the Aldgate Tube bomb on 7 July 2005. 

In an exclusive interview with Socialist Worker, Linda explained why she supported the war on Iraq in 2003, but is now totally opposed to a new intervention. 

The British air force is bombing Iraq once again just over 10 years after the last invasion.

Hawkish MPs and members of the military’s top brass want to send in more ground troops. 

“The West is now doing exactly what it did when it went into Iraq last time,” said Linda.

“Western bombing will make life harder for the people in those places.” 

Linda suffered a miscarriage and her injuries have left her physically disabled. She suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. 

Her husband died from his injuries two months after the bombing.

But Linda pins the blame squarely on Western governments. 

“I got hurt because I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. But  also because of the policies of the British and other Western governments,” she said. 

“They believed in bombing Iraq because of weapons of mass destruction, which never existed in the first place.

“My husband and child would still be alive today and I would be able to walk if the West had not invaded Iraq in an immoral and illegal war.”

Linda said that Islamic State “couldn’t have been created without what the West has done”.

And she said the new war drive “also feeds racism”. “We now have a backlash here—Muslims living peacefully are taunted in the street.”

The Tories are certainly whipping up more Islamophobia. The media is full of stories of Britain’s Islamic State recruits.

Tory home secretary Theresa May outlined her plan to give police a raft of new powers under terror legislation. 

But what they’re doing now is “laying the cement for more terror,” said Linda.

“The West’s actions increase the ability of Islamic State to radicalise people, because they feel alienated about how they have been treated. 

“I supported the last Iraq war in 2003 at first, as I thought we were going to help Iraqis.

“But then I saw what it was really about. Now I’m totally against bombing.

“This is now the third bombing of these poor people.

“I go to meetings with other survivors of the 7/7 bombings. I’d say about a third of the others have the same point of view.”

Back story:

On 7 July 2005 four bombs went off in London killing 52 people 

The bombs hit Tube stations and a bus in Tavistock Square 

Soon Tony Blair’s New Labour government brought in new Islamophobic terror laws

The Metropolitan Police then shot dead Brazilian migrant Jean Charles de Menezes, claiming he was a “terror suspect”

Today the British government is bombing Iraq and whipping up Islamophobia again 

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